What is adventure tourism? 3 pics in a nutshell

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Adventure travel has been engaged by human beings since hundreds years ago. From the 13th century, Marco Polo had travelled to Asia with an adventurous mind and explored the other side of world. Nowadays, we continue the enthusiasm of world discovery, challenge our limit, and have adventure travel.
what is adventure tourism

What is adventure tourism? Weel it's a fast growing travel trend. This creates excitement by stepping out of your comfort zone, and it takes physical and emotional effort. If you are someone who likes to try new destinations and new activities, you are one of the adventure travelers! Adventure travel can range from very soft activities to hard activities.

  • Soft adventure activities can be backpacking, kayaking, or attending local festivals.
  • Hard adventure activities can be trekking, rock climbing, or deep sea diving.

On the other side of adventure tourism, it is fostering the development of local community as well as the sustainability improvement. For instance, cycling is one of the adventure activities, and it is an eco-friendly activity which reduces the carbon footprint for environment.

Adventure tourism is a combination of these three concepts:

  • Physical activity.
  • Interaction with the nature.
  • Cultural learning or exchange.

Here I am sharing some interesting adventure tourism activities to wow your mind.


1- Challenge your physical limitation


challenge your physical limitation


People dream about being on the top of the world, so climbing Mount Everest can be a perfect example. Mount Everest is the highest mountain with 8848 meters height, and it’s located in the Mahalangur mountain ranged in Nepal and Tibet. The entire climb on Everest takes approximately 6 to 9 weeks. Adventure travelers are daring to challenge their body, and to create an achievement in life. The Everest mountain climbing is dangerous, travelers have to go up and down the mountain to make sure the food, water, fuel and oxygen are enough.


2- Explore something extraordinary on earth


explore something extraordinary on earth


In order to get off the beaten path, adventure travelers seek for something different. Let’s take hiking as an example. Instead of hiking in the normal mountain, adventurers prefer exploring the spectacular scenes on earth. Have you heard about rainbow mountain? Well, it exactly means the mountains with rainbow colors, and these are Peru’s secret geological wonder. These mountains are full of densely packed layers of minerals and rocks, which made them look like rainbows.


3- Making cultural interaction


making cultural interaction


Every single person comes from different background. Human beings interact with each other, learn from different background, and cherish the uniqueness. Making a cultural exchange is one of the adventure activities. It makes you cross your comfort zone and interact with someone from another part of the world which you are not familiar with. Asia is rich in its unique culture as well as adventure activities. In india, there exists the biggest slum in the world. Visiting Mumbai and understand how the lifestyle is in the biggest slum is an inspiring adventure activity.


Travel doesn’t become adventure until you leave yourself behind! Still hesitate, unsure what to do for your adventure travel? Perhaps the story of Boukreev in Mount Everest would make your spirit of adventure aroused.

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