Two days trip: 9 undiscovered places in Paris

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The city of love, travelers…Paris is much more than the Eiffel Tower and Les Champs Elysées.This is what comes to your mind in the first place when you think about THE CAPITAL.

Although its romantic fame is very well deserved because of those summer nights when you can see rain pouring from your window that doesn’t look like anything you could see in other world capital. That’s why I want you to be immersed in quite some cool spots you can definitely visit if you want to get out of the beaten path in this amazing city. These undiscovered places in Paris will be your biggest delight!

Day 1


Marché d’Aligre

Visiting this central and really colourful market not only is free, but it’s a sensorial experience where you’ll meet the most pure and everyday life. Fresh fish, fruits and bread, along with vintage pieces of clothes, vinils and even live music are the best choice to spend a some good hours living like a real Parisian. Buy your goodies for lunch and head to the next place!


alt="marche-aligre-in-paris"Paris Eat Village


Saint Martin Canal

This part of Paris is really close to the Eiffel Tower and Les Champs Elysées but it’s not talked about at all. This is why I recommend you to come here to have lunch with the little boats, a tiny bridge and young couples that spend all the afternoon here waiting for the sunset to take place. The carefree environment that surrounds the canal is great to just relax and free your mind...


alt="saint-martin-canal-in-paris"Le Robinet d'Or



Café Déli-Cieux terrace

What about a short creamy coffee at the terrace of Le Printemps, one of the stores that has some amazing views of the city? You will feel like being on the top of the world, with the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre as a background and not that many people coming here to enjoy them. It’s even better to come here for a glass of wine in the evening, when the sun is going down.


alt="cafe-deli-cieux-terrace-paris"Try something fun


The Latin Quarter

It’s one of the oldest areas in Paris, but you’ll find plenty of cafes, restaurants and small boutiques to live a real Parisian experience. It’s a district with narrow streets, where Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighbourhood stands out, with antique cars and the most lovely tiny corners are the perfect place to end your day full of authentic local experiences.  


alt="the-latin-quarter-in-paris"Destination 360 



Day 2


Rue Crémieux

This hidden street in the capital doesn’t even look like French. It seems more to be part of a Caribbean city due to the multiple colours of its low-ceiling buildings and infinite number of plants. It will be perfect for riding a bike in the morning or even taking some cool pics for Instagram when the sun has just shown up. A must-see!


alt="area-paris-rue-cremieux"X days in Y


Beehives at Jardin de Luxembourg

At the south area of this beautiful garden, you can witness how hundreds of bees make their everyday work producing some delicious honey for the Parisians. This place is active since the 19th century and even offers classes for those of you who want to learn exactly how these little animals produce the honey. It’s really educational and different from what you usually see in big cities!


alt="beehives-jardin-de-luxembourg-paris"Wikimedia Commons


Marché St.-Quentin

I love markets from all around the world! But in paris they do have a different spirit. They are such an exceptional example of all the different cultures and people you can find in a capital, especially when talking about Paris, that shelters all kinds of nationalities except for Parisians! Have lunch in this nice iron and glass building surrounded by bakeries, household shops and ethnic eateries that will absolutely catch your eye!


alt="marche-st-quentin-paris"Paris Zig Zag


Paris sewer system museum

This is a weird place to visit, but really worth it. Paris has one of the oldest sewer systems in the world, concretely it was created in the 13th century and now is a museum full of secret tunnels and machines that tells you the story of the darkest and most epidemic years of the city. Okay… It’s underground, but who cares? You will have a blast!




Le Rubis

Travelers call it “the last bar before the end of the world”, since it’s really hidden, no English is spoken and the food couldn’t be more French. Here is where you’ll soak up the authentic French atmosphere and will never want to leave. They do not serve alcohol, but have some delicious alcohol-free cocktails and the warmest service.


alt="le-rubis-bar-paris"Tand T.


So here we are travelers of the world! A full two days trip to Paris, full of local adventures and experiences that will for sure make you come back again. A route that’s out of the beaten path, not located in the crazy down-town of the capitals is always the way to go, it’s where you’ll learn the most about how people live, about history and everyday culture. If you have any other place that’s worth a visit, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments down below! We’ll be glad to check it out!

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