12 types of travelers you'll meet sleeping in a hostel

I’ve always been so curious about all the different people you can get to know traveling, friends that can teach you some special things that will become a wisdom treasure for your own journey…

And if you pay attention, a hostel can be an actual “zoo” of different species of travelers, that are usually divided into certain recognizable categories. Do you want to know what different types of travelers you'll meet sleeping in a hostel? Then keep reading and find yourself in here!

1. The one who’s always holding a glass of something

Of course you’ll meet some party lovers when traveling, and they are actually a great companion for those nights that are calling for partying hard. They will know every little bar or club near you and won’t know the word “shyness”. So if you want to make new friends when traveling, you already know what to do!

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2. The vegan hippie

Here, “vegan” is the most important word, of course. Most of them are so proud of their diet, but can be pretty hard to go out to have dinner with them. Finding specific options for theirvegan needs can be something difficult. But they don’t mind. They are usually very calm, peaceful and take life in a chilling way. You will always see them with loose worn clothes.

3. The slow traveler

These people will never go see with you the usual landmarks that are full of tourists willing to take the mandatory picture. They will walk to the smallest corners of the village, talk to the owners of that tiny really local cafe and spend months and months immersing into the culture of the country. They tend to be very relaxed and not stress if a problem pops up. They have plenty of time to work things out.

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4. The world wanderer

They are the ones we all are jealous of. Yes, they have been in almost every country of the world and have thousands of funny stories to delight you with. They usually are around 30 years old (more or less) and will be a really interesting source of information if you want to get useful tips from an experienced traveler.

5. The heartbreaker

They usually are very attractive, confident and smiling. Oh, those smiles… They can stop time, right? Chances they are Argentinian or Italian are pretty high. They will wander the lodge in their bathing suits and will never forget to rock a messy hair that maybe took them a good two hours to achieve. Just the usual, you know?

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6. The mom

Middle age women (generally) that have decided it’s their time now to enjoy our beautiful world and grabbed their backpack to spend one summer knowing as many places as they can. They will teach you how to keep everything organised, how to properly take care of yourself, they will always have a first-aid kit around them and can get a bit bossy if needed.

7. The instagrammer

Oh, yes! You can identify them from one kilometre away. Always with their phones in hand, looking for WIFI and posing like there’s no tomorrow in the most "instagrammable" crazy spots ever. They will drag you to eat with them to the coolest places, but you’ll have to wait ten extra minutes until they are finished capturing those cool and different dishes for their followers.

8. The introspective yogi

They tend to be alone almost all the time because they travel to find themselves, to get to know who they really are, forgetting that the rest of the world exists. This is the perfect traveler to be close to if you’re looking for calmness. Just give them their space and they will share everything they are learning in the process with you.

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9. The complainer

We all complain at some point of the trip for sure. But these kind of people will make of a tiny problem the worst catastrophe ever. “The WIFI doesn’t work”, “The meals are disgusting”, “How could you take that bus without me?”, “I can’t sleep, it’s too hot in here”... And I could go on and on. Simply agree with them and don’t become a part of their constant criticism.

10. The couple

Such a classic. They’ve decided to start traveling together some time ago and they are loving spending every minute of the day together. You will never see them apart. They will kiss, hug and laugh loudly, sometimes making other travelers a bit awkward. But it’s the price to pay when you have to live together with a motley fauna of wanderers in a hostel.

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11. The saver

Usually, they will be very young, the kind of traveler that didn’t have time to work that much but decided to wander the world anyway, so they will be always trying to save as much as possible, get the best deals at markets and visit only free attractions. The great thing about them is that they are “researchers” by nature, so they will guide you to the best spots that no one else knows.

12. The musician

Most likely to be found at night, guitar in hand, writing some cool lyrics that travel or “that someone special” have inspired. They always feel like singing and creating a harmonious environment before everyone goes to sleep. They love to be surrounded by people that offer a warm round of applause after the performance.

alt="musician type of traveler"Mariana Vusiatytska

I’m completely sure that you have spotted many more different kinds of people while staying at a hostel. If you take the time to observe and analyse behaviours, it’s so interesting to realise that travelers who are so different in personality gathered in the same place just because sailing the seas is a passion all of you share. Try to learn as much as you can from all of them and let us know what other types you would include in the list!

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