11 tricks for a trip to really hot tropical weathers

tricks for a trip to really hot tropical weathers
Welcome on board wanderers! Here we are again to talk about your trips. And not just any trips, but the ones that target a specifically hot country.

We all know how hard it can be to be used to living in a country where temperatures don’t disturb people’s mood and suddenly switch to a place that never goes under 20 degrees. Not even in winter.

That’s why for all of you that are about to travel to one of these places, whether it’s in Central America or South East Asia, hold onto these tricks for a trip to really hot tropical weathers and beat the heat as smartly as possible.


1. Prepare your body to the temperature switch you’re going to experiment by doing sport in the sun or just relaxing at a sauna for several days before leaving. After eight or ten days, you will be more used to this kind of conditions and the drastic change won’t be as tough to assimilate.


2. Clothes. Definitely, LIGHT is the most important word. Bring with you cotton loose pants and shirts (preferably long-sleeved and light-coloured) that don’t let the sun get to you skin at all times. A hat is also a really good idea. (A pro tip is to get this kind of clothes in local markets where fabrics are locally produced and tend to be more natural. Say yes to supporting local economies!).

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3. What about meals? The key is to get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that offer you a lot of vitamins to carry out your travel routines perfectly. Eat very often and avoid copious quantities, so your body can break down the food more properly, using less metabolic heat. This tips willl be great for any kind of trip actually, so try to avoid this usual mistake we all make when traveling for the first time (specially!) 



4. Basements. Or if you don’t have access to a basement, the first floors of buildings, lodges o hostels are always the coolest ones. Concretely, around 10 degrees less than upper floors.


5. Get some spicy food. I know what you’re thinking… And it’s not a crazy idea. Spicy food is known to make you sweat and if you resist some curry and chillies, this sweat will actually cool your whole body afterwards.

jonathan-niederhoffer-20845-min.jpg Jonathan Niederhoffer 


6. Bugs: very annoying, but also pretty dangerous in some tropical areas. They can carry illnesses like malaria or dengue fever. Talk to your doctor about vaccines and make sure you pack your quick-drying repellent to be always with you no matter what kind of activity you're doing.


7. There’s no need to say that sunscreen is a must, no matter if you're heading to a dry or humid climate. If you're in the second case, you should get one that’s not greasy (humidity can cause disasters other way) and try to avoid any liquid form of makeup.


8. Your skin and your whole body will need quite some litres and litres of water to resist the heat and humidity without complaining too much. Here is where a reusable bottle is going to be your best friend. Bring it wherever you go and please, keep hydrated all day long. You don’t want any weakness in you dream trip, do you?

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9. Take time to dose your energy: This is as important as eating well or drinking water: scaling your traveler expectations when heading to an extremely hot country is something wise to do. If it’s too hot, just relax in a hammock and don’t force your body. It will pay off the rest of the trip with loads of extra energy.


10. Go to practical solutions and put your sheets in the fridge (inside a plastic bag, of course) and leave them there for a couple of hours before going to sleep. This will make you fall asleep really faster and will keep your body temperature lower at least for a while.


11. Show your feet some love! Yes people! They are the ones that will literally support all your trip, so get at least one quality pair of sandals that are suitable for long walks and most importantly, that dry fast. Use them before leaving to make sure they won’t hurt your skin!

quality pair of shoes for traveling to hot


So, my friends, this is it for these useful tips for traveling to very warm climates, which will be specially needed if you're coming from a place where temperatures are usually low. Anyway, you know that regarding how the weather is behaving during your trips, the most important thing is to go having the intention of spending the best days ever. Heat will be just a small thing to cope with that can be easily solved when traveling, and you can even do it in a "DIY mode", for a more fun travel. If you have some more tricks to spend some days in really hot places, leave them down below in the comments. We will hear you out!
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