Top 5 things to do on weekends when visiting a new city

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Discovering a new city is always exciting. But how to get  the most out of it when spending only two days there? Here is our top 5 recommendations for your short stays in a city.

things to do on weekend


1- Discover a new sport you’ve never heard of

Weekends are particularly suitable to practice sports. Visiting a new city is an opportunity to discover new sports that you may not be able to find back home. If possible, search information before coming and contact organizers. Whether you're a solo player or more of a teamplayer, there are so many sports out there, we don’t even know where to start to name them all… Did you check our article on 6 things to do in the city to keep you healthy? Here are two additional ideas of unusual sports most often practiced during weekends:

  • The blackminton: play badminton in the dark with a fluorescent outfit, some makeup and a birdie.
  • The bubble gump: with this weird combination of soccer and rugby, each player is inside a huge plastic bubble and need to goal.

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2- Participate in an event that you have always dreamt about

It maybe the timing or a specific event that makes us choose a destination over another… If you are amongst those who love running, a marathon is a perfect “excuse” to travel to another town. Other events such as concerts, exhibitions ... can also lead you to visit another city. Most of the time, these kinds of events take place on weekends and require that you register prior to showing up. Take some time to make some research on the topics you are interested in!


3- Discover a new culture (or learn more about yours!)

You have to travel to learn. Traveling makes you learn so much about the world, the cultures and even yourself. Taking a trip, even if it lasts only 2 days, always provides you with exciting enriching experiences. If you want to practice foreign languages, they are plenty of “language exchanges” gathering locals, expats and travelers. Why don’t you also try a cooking workshops to discover recipes from around the world or taste local products? Enjoy! You are in a new place full of restaurants to try! Maybe the local specialty is different from the ones you know of. If you are off to Geneva, take a look at the food testing activity offered by Eat And Chill Tour.


4- Enroll yourself in original workshops

What if you were to travel to a new city to do something completely different? Why don’t you try a knitting workshop, learn how to make bread or take a singing lesson… Or why don’t you treat yourself with some spiritual retreat or a relaxation class… Let your imagination inspire for you!

 original workshops


5- Shop in local markets

On Saturdays and Sundays, the city-center follows the rhythm of local markets. A specialized, thematic, annual market is always a good place to meet handy crafters and talk with the inhabitants of the neighborhood. If you are in Madrid, don’t miss the incredible Rastro market every Sunday. Personally, I love walking along the narrow alleys of the old part and watch vendors behind their stands.

Are you ready to go and try these top things to do on weekend? All you need is to decide a destionation!
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