5 top non profit organizations to visit when you travel

In these years, Travel is not simply visiting an unfamiliar destination anymore. Millennials, or Generation Y (the generation from the early 1980s as starting birth years and use the mid-1990s to the early 2000s as final birth years) are tend to look for life experience or life lessons by travelling.

top non profit organizations


Are you one of the millennials? We want to share a good way of travel that can help you fulfill your wanderlust dream and get lost in the middle of nowhere. It is nothing crazy, but simply visiting a non-profit organization in the destination you visit.

In this way, you get the chance to get a detailed understanding of the real local life, besides, you learn the difficulty and the situation that the country is facing at the meantime.

It is better to give than to take. If you want to try another unique experience of travel, meeting these 5 amazing top non-profit organizations for your next trip:) We are really proud of having these NGOs as U2GUIDE partners!


1- Empower women in Colombia

Sometimes you feel you are having a good day after you do amazing things and helping others. People working at the NGO AsoMujer are like this. And we want to invite you to visit them in your next trip to Colombia. 

Asomujer aims to increase the quality of life of women and their families. Personal, social and economic growth are its main objectives. To achieve it they have training workshops, regional events and even international cooperation initiatives.

In addition, the organization offers a visit to Cocoa Valley to taste the coffee they produce while you enjoy the wonderful views of the mountains.


2- Meet Mexico’s green jewel

Surrounded by endless beautiful mountains, the Sierra Gorda of Querétaro is one of the best secrets that Mexicans keep for their own. The country, one of the 10 megadiverse in the world, has this Biosphere Reserve, the most eco-diverse one in Mexico.

For 30 years now, NGO Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda has taught environmental education among the inhabitants, and it has created sustainable microenterprises and has stopped logging in centenary woods and urban projects that would destroy this natural jewel.

Now, they are the biggest movement in the country to act against climate change through different techniques in woods and fields.

If life took you to Mexico, you will be able to visit cascades, deserts, tropical woods and UNESCO World Heritage- Franciscan Missions with local expert guides. You will stay at eco-friendly and cosy cottages and you will taste the delicious dishes made by the women of the Tasting Route.

Sierra Gorda Ecotours will prepare an incredible journey for you.

They hire local people and spend a big amount of their benefits to keep a ceramic workshop, a healthy food shop and an embroidery workshop. All of these shops are managed by local women.


Mexico's green jewel


3- Educate kids and train pastries chefs in Cambodia

Since 1993, École du Bayon has provided education and vocational training to underprivileged Cambodian youths in Siem Reap. The NGO provides primary education and helps kids to enter Public High School. They support them with pocket money every month, uniforms every year and bicycles to go to school.

They also offer career counselling to their oldest student to help them find the university programme or vocational training which suit their career plan well.

In addition, they have Bayon Pastry School, a free vocational training for underprivileged women of Cambodia. It is a must go place if you are in the Cambodia because they have a coffee shop where students will cook their specialties for you. The students also learn about customer service and will be able to practise their English with you. With the money they obtain, they contribute to the NGO expenses.


4- Transform wasted intro resources in Haiti

Placed in the Caribbean Sea and surrounded by natural beauties, Haiti, is however, a very poor and environmental deteriorated country. For these reasons, SOIL’s (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods) task is so important.

Since 2006, SOIL has been transforming wastes into resources in Haiti. Through the use of ecological sanitation, the NGO is working to create a revolutionary social business model for providing access to safe, dignified sanitation that produces rich, organic compost as a natural resource for Haiti’s badly-depleted soils.

They provided safe and dignified sanitation to over 30,000 people in Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien after the 2010 earthquake. They have also safely treated and transformed the waste from SOIL toilets to produce over 850 metric tons of nutrient rich, organic compost to restore health and stability to Haiti’s fragile soils.

Haiti is not a tourist country, but Dominican Republic is. Both countries share the territory of a single island. So, if your adventurous passion takes you to Greater Antilles, maybe you want to visit this incredible organization to see what they do with your eyes.

Interested in environmental issue? Read something more about SOIL's sustainability projets here.

 Transform wasted intro resources


5- Save the oceans from pollution and degradation in Europe

Oceans, rivers, lakes are our natural resources. However, the plastics and other waste we produced have invaded these natural resources and caused much impact on the marine animals. In the food chain, we eat the seafood and harm ourselves at the end. Turtles, sharks and hundreds of species are accidentally captured and injured with fishing nets and eating plastic has made them dead.

Surfrider Foundation Europe is a worldwide not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of lakes, rivers, ocean, waves and the coastline. Founded in 1990 by a handful of local surfers. It gathers today over 9,000 members in Europe and is represented in 14 countries through its chapters of volunteers. 

If you care about the environment issue, take a look at the list of countries where you can volunteer for one or several days when you travel in Europe.



With U2GUIDE, you can change the world simply by travelling. We are a philanthropic platform that spends 50% of our net profit to support NGOs and humanitarian, cultural and environmental organizations around the world.

Traveling as a solidary experience

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