13 Tips to Travel Europe as a Couple

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If you want your own tips to travel Europe as a couple, there ones are very useful to succeed in your trip. Let’s get to them so you, dear travelers, find out how amazing the Old Continent is to travel with your soulmate and fall in love with its magical beauty!

1. Agree on the Places You Both Want to Visit

This might sound obvious, but unless you plan on visiting every single country in Europe, you will have to choose what destinations are the most attractive for both of you. If you, for instance, agree on only visiting the Balkans since it’s the cheapest area, when arranging all the details, no one will find their needs uncovered.

2. Watch Movies Inspired in Europe

Not only looking at nice pictures in Google can give you an idea of what’s waiting for you in Europe. Movies that take place in Europe can be the best inspiration to have a great time with your couple AND decide which places speak the most to you. Reality always overcomes fiction, so expect to be impressed by the variety of styles, architecture, cultures and people you’ll find here.

3. Budget Your Trip According to the Lowest Income

So, Zurich (most expensive European city) or Sofia (the cheapest)? I know money is not something we like to talk about, especially with your partner but… it is crucial. You have to know how much you can spend per day. Are you traveling Europe on a budget? Or money is not your first priority? If you plan this according to the lowest income, you won’t find surprises in your bank account afterwards.


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4. Narrow Down the Activities You Want to Do

You can find so many different things to do in Europe as a couple that trying to do everything is impossible. If you already have a list of activities you both want to try (let’s say hiking, trying typical food and getting to know small local markets), it will be easier to organize and you won’t have any disagreement during your trip!

5. Walk From the Downtown to Everywhere

It’s easy to think that staying in the outskirts of town is going to be cheaper, so there’s no better options. Well, it’s not always like that. Depending on how many days you’re staying in bigger cities, you can opt for a cheap hostel that’s well located, so you do not spend that much time going from your far accommodation to the main spots of the city. Believe, I’ve experienced that and learned the lesson!

6. Cycle Up!

If walking around cities is not your cup of tea, or you just want to get more things done during the day, many cities in Europe are perfect to cycle in. Locals do really use bikes to move around and you’re not polluting at all! Cities like Budapest, Copenhagen, Madrid, Amsterdam or Bordeaux, are perfectly prepared for your romantic biking adventure.


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7. Trains All the Way

Okay, so maybe cycling is not your thing either… In that case, trains are not only more sustainable than planes or cars, but they can be very cheap in countries like Poland or Hungary. Plus, they allow you to be embellished by the amazing landscapes along the way, which is something cozy and nice to do with you other half.

8. Consider Taking Night Trains

As a consequence from my previous point, I must say that night trains in Europe are very convenient. You can find a lot that connect major cities (Amsterdam to Copenhagen for instance) that will cost you around 40$ (more or less), depending on the route. They are comfortable and offer you a different kind of night date to enjoy. Making longer connections during the night is the way to go, believe me!

9. Sleep Cheaper and Spend That Money on Staying Longer

This tip could be very useful for any kind of trip actually, but it is almost mandatory to get to know the little picturesque European villages that surround bigger cities, especially in places like Malta, Macedonia, Bulgaria or Croatia. Although they are small and not that many people live in there, the loveliest streets and kindest people are the best incentive for you to try and fall in love!


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10. All-inclusive Passes

Many of the biggest cities in Europe, such as Paris, Oslo and Berlin, offer a pass for travelers which includes access to transportation, museums and discounts in restaurants and more. You have everything you need in one little card and they’re very easy to get at the Tourist-Information point. This kind of options are really worth taking a look at, especially if you just arrived and don’t know exactly where to go.

11. Go See a Football Match (at a Bar!)

This may not seem the usual thing to do, but… Football is really big in Europe, especially in countries like Italy, Spain and the UK. People live matches with quite some passion, and experiencing this at a bar, where you both don’t know anyone, is a great idea to make some new friends and witness how locals live, talk and behave. (Yes, I observe those things when traveling!)

12. Go for Some Adventure Plans

As I said before, in Europe there is not only nice little towns to have a romantic weekend. You can find the most extraordinary nature and landscapes if you both are looking for some adrenaline plans. Norway and Iceland for Northern Lights, Switzerland for some breathtaking glacier lakes or some cool snowy slopes in Italy are a few options to live your dream trip to the fullest.


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13. A Nice “All in One” Destination: Portugal

Known as the best value for money destination in Western Europe, Portugal offers everything you would possibly want. Spectacular beaches in Madeira or Albufeira, stunning architecture and tiny romantic streets in Porto and really inexpensive (good quality) food in Lisbon. Their pastries (no matter in which city you stay) are something from the outer world. A win-win in all senses!

Every destination you travel to is going to be special if you enjoy the journey with the person you love. The only thing to keep in mind, besides from having the best time, is to do it sustainably! Every. Time. You. Travel. Taking care of the environment and the places you head to is the perfect way to show respect for their cultures and what a responsible traveler you are all at once. Share with us if you have any other tips travel tips for wandering the Old Continent with your significant other!

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