Asomujer - a social project to meet in Colombia

social project to meet in colombia

Because we are a collaborative and philanthropic website and the first ever company to use 50% of our net profit to fund social, cultural and environmental projects where travelers go, our partner NGOs are fundamental to us.

They, and the work they develop in the developing countries, are the main reason why we created U2GUIDE: to change the world simply by guiding and traveling.

In this article we are excited to introduce you to Mónica Prieto, legal representative and president of the NGO Asomujer a social project to meet in colombia.


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What is Asomujer?

It is a Colombian non-profit organization that aims to increase the quality of life of women and their families. Personal, social and economic growth are its main objectives.

To achieve it we have training workshops, regional events and even international cooperation initiatives.

Asomujer was born in the Quindío department, a coffee region in Colombia, and it is there where social activities take place.

Asomujer was born in 2008 conducting dressmaking workshops. What workshops do you have nowadays?

Right now we have three strands of action. They form our navigation map when we design our social programs. They are:   

  • Health and well-being
  • Economic autonomy and entrepreneurship
  • Technological and knowledge empowerment

With these three strategies we focus on a comprehensive development of women, from inside to outside. This way, they can consolidate their role in the society, in their personal and family life.

You also teach women how to use the Internet. Right?

Yes. Many women, especially those with scarce resources, don’t know how to use a computer or use the internet, so they are missing the opportunity to access a great source of information and they don’t know many relevant subjects for them.

For example, we teach them to investigate about their rights, how to denounce an abuse or how to access online workshops that could help them to improve their knowledge.

How many women benefit from your programs?

Asomujer is a growing organization. Our goal is to directly benefit 50 women at least every year. We have also developed programs that benefit their families. Also the benefit spreads out through the community because a woman with a good quality of life can transmit the well-being to its family environment.

Our programs are aimed to women, no matter if they are teenagers or adult women in charge of their homes.

How many people work at Asomujer?  

We have 5 people at the board of directors and 20 collaborators. We are all volunteers, nobody gets paid.

How do you obtain the funds to run the NGO?

We sell food (desserts and other dishes), but our main productive project is special coffee. We obtain funds and at the same time we support women from the coffee region because we buy the product they grow at their properties.

Additionally, we work with them to improve their product so they can sell a better product at a better price.

Can tourists visit Asomujer to know the project?

Of course! That is one of our goals and that is why projects such as U2GUIDE fit so well with our philosophy.

We have already had some visits from France and Great Britain. We hope to continue like that in order to boost this cultural exchange in social activities environments.

Tell us about a special moment for you within the NGO.

Each and every time women tell us that a specific activity they made at Asomujer helped them in their personal lives is just amazing.

For example, they defeat fears or they feel more secured. It becomes a moment of satisfaction and really motivates us to continue working for them and for their families.

Which are the main difficulties you encounter while running Asomujer?

Sometimes when we manage resources, logistics or accompaniment from other organizations the timing is not perfect and that delays our own schedule. But sooner or later we always find a solution.


To enjoy the activity click here! Coffee at the Mountains

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