9 quick tips to reduce waste and save money when traveling

Hi again green travelers! If you clicked this article is because you are a conscious wanderer of the world who wants to reduce waste and be an environmental respectful person in your travels.

Good for you, you definitely are in the right path supporting this kind of ecologic causes! If you want some helpful advice to put in practise in your next trip that will allow you to save some extra cash and be a sustainable tourist, write down these 9 quick tips to reduce waste and save money when traveling, they will be easy peasy!


1. Talk to locals about your routes

You don’t know why? Well, they are the best source of information when it comes to get to know how to get to any place by bike or even walking. Not just you will exercise, but you won’t have to pay for any transportation that will produce pollution. Best of both worlds.  

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2. Reuse sheets and towels

This a tip specifically for those of you who wash yourselves your clothes. If not needed, do not wash them every single day. You’ll save time, money and loads and loads of hot water, energy and laundry detergent that will go to waste for no reason.


3. Bring a steel water bottle

Yes! That easy. Just bring along a steel water bottle to avoid buying loads of plastic packagings that will end up in the trash, causing ultimately way more pollution. Plus, it will be a saver for your wallet and will resist any type of adventure you will take on.


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4. Prepare your own meals

This is a classic. Go for local products, wander around food markets and choose whatever you want to eat every day. I know it’s a bit more time consuming, but definitely cooking yourself is way more affordable and less plastic and paper packaging will be wasted. Supporting local economies is always a win-win!

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5. Replace shampoo and soap for one single all-purposes bar

Doing this you will be able to carry one lovely bar to wash your whole body and hair and no plastic residue will end up in the garbage. As a plus, it doesn’t take as much space in your toiletry bag and you won’t have to take it out of your suitcase or backpack in airports because it’s not a liquid!

6. Buy a long-lasting razor

No matter if you are a man or a woman, disposable razors are a waste of plastic and don’t get the job done that well. So invest a bit of your time into looking a travel friendly razor that is compact and last for a few weeks. You will thank me when you don’t have to switch your razor every time you want to shave!

7. Do not travel alone

As long as it’s a road trip, of course! If you have company while traveling or going from one point to another, you pay less money, you can share bills at diners or cafes and the carbon footprint will be more than thankful. And if this allows you to make new friends in your adventure, don’t even hesitate!

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8. Bring fabric bags

You won’t have to pay extra money for plastic bags at the supermarket that you will end up throwing away anyway. You can hand make some eco-friendly fabric bags yourself and even use them as a pillow or as a laundry basket. They will be personalised and totally reusable!

9. Go for (certain) low-impact sports

Obviously, you can practise them at any level you feel comfortable at. But think about it: sports like rafting, surfing, climbing, hiking or trekking are wonderful to not pollute with big machines like motorbikes or quads... Moreover, sports with no equipments attached tend to be cheaper.

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As you can see, these tips are really easy to follow and can save quite some money when traveling to any place. Budget is something that you unavoidably have to take into account in your trips, so what better way to do it than protecting the environment? If you have any other good idea around this subject, please let us know in the comments! Hope you can get some use out of them!

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