Off The Beaten Path Australia: 7 Places You Didn't Know About

Prepare to faint during a couple of minutes because you’re about to (virtually) visit some of the less-known spots in beautiful Australia you didn’t know even existed! If you want some inspiration for your bucket list, just keep reading!

1. Umpherston Sinkhole

Only by looking at the pictures, you can say that this giant garden is going to be right up your alley. Covered with thousands of colourful flowers and palm trees, this sinkhole was naturally created when the roof collapsed and now, people can visit it and be surprised by its stunning beauty. It’s located in South Australia and I can promise it will immerse you in a parallel reality, where only you and the landscape will exist!


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2. Dirk Hartog Island

You won’t see a more turquoise water in your life! This marvelous island is located in Shark Bay and it’s the place for you if you’re looking for an isolated place to relax and do some diving, snorkeling or just spotting some marine wildlife. You can mix the best of both worlds in a jaw-dropping landscape which won’t be crowded with tourism and you’ll even be able to practise some local activities like fishing! There’s nothing better than learning from locals!


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3. Crystal Shower Falls

Oh, yes! This beauty does exist and it’s in Dorrigo National Park, halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. You will find more cascades in this magical place, such as the Red Cedar Falls, which is really worth a visit as well. This little spot of beauty is very well preserved and l really encourage you to make of national parks a staple in your trips! Especially if you can get to visit them with a local! Being a part of the preservation of natural areas makes you a more sustainable and responsible traveler!


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4. Tasman Island

Spotting this natural wonder even from far away is really amazing. Of course no one lives in here. Plus, in Tasman Island you’ll see the most isolated lighthouse in Australia, built back in 1906, which is something pretty cool to see if you’re used to traveling among crowded masses of tourists. You can get here by boat and you’ll be very likely to see local wildlife in here, such as Humpback Whales, Australian seals, and skies full of albatrosses.


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5. Lancelin Dunes

As you can see, Australia is full of places that you wouldn’t believe exist, but they do! Lancelin sand dunes that almost seem mountains covered in snow. Pretty charming, I know. One of the most exciting activities you can get to do here is sandsurfing, a boost of adrenaline really worth the try I must say. They are 90 minutes away from Perth and also very close to the Pinnacle Desert. If you want to be in touch with nature getting out of the usual perfect-beach-scenery (which I personally love!), this is the place for you!


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6. Bitter Springs

No, you’re not being fooled by your eyes! These springs are a natural paradise if you like a calm and relaxing plan for a warm afternoon. The water is maybe a 100% clear and you’ll be immersing into a swamp of thermal pools where you can even camp if you want to stay for a few days! If you ask me, it’s the perfect destination for having your “off-the-beaten-path Australia” trip! You can always choose a few destinations that are not too far away from each other and create your customised local adventure in this unforgettable country!   


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7. Esperance

This is one of the most charming coastal towns you’ll ever get to see. In Esperance you have over 400 km of vast beaches with blue waters and fishing communities to enjoy a typical local culinary experience. Its population is one of the less dense in all the country, so you are sure you won’t be bothered! You can visit here the Recherche Archipelago, a group of a hundred tiny islands which are a valuable nature sanctuary full with wilderness and rock formations that your eyes won’t believe. During the migratory season, you can spot whales and all year round, kangaroos and possums!


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That is it for my suggestions to make of your Australian trip a true discovery! I’m sure that just by looking at the photos, you’re already falling in love with each place, so do not hesitate to visit this spectacular county in all senses! Just remember to do it sustainably, being aware of the best ways to travel, the ones that do not harm the environment and help smaller local communities grow! We can do it by being careful and wise with our travel choices!

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