How tourism affects the environment in a positive way?

It can sound contradictory to try to explain how tourism affects the environment in a positive way when we know almost every activity has a linked carbon footprint. Taking a plane, travelling by train, staying in a hotel… those are rarely green activities. And yet here we are, about to tell you all you need to know about the ways to travel the world and help Mother Nature at the same time. Because it's possible.
 How tourism affects the environment

1- Help local communities that invest part of their benefits to preserve their environment

For you it can be just a visit, but with your help and other travelers help, great goals can be achieved.

Some NGOs and local communities invest part of their benefits to reforest their mountains, protect endangered species, plant rare seeds to preserve biodiversity and grow organic crops or build infrastructure to harvest water or install renewable energies to be less polluting and independent from fossil fuels. There are thousands of initiatives around the world and you just need to investigate a little bit once you have chosen the country and region for your next trip.

Our top activities: help protect a natural sanctuary, our beloved oceans or reforest Haiti.

Another good example is Sierra Juárez, in Mexico, where communities avoid deforestation with sustainable practices that allow locals to earn money without harming the ecosystems.


2- Make a trip to learn more about nature.

In general, people living in cities know very little about nature and how important it is in our daily life. We are used to opening the tap and get water, we don’t realize the (nasty) kind of air we breathe and we take for granted that we'll find all the food we need at the supermarket.

However, ecosystems are fragile and they can easily reach their limits when we keep on hurting them. What would you think about a trip to learn about trees, animals, how to produce your own food and everything related to your quality of life?  

Do some guided hiking, visit an ecological farm, attend a workshop to grow a garden in the city and change raise your consciousness: go back home high in spirit, be proud of your new knowledge and for being someone respectful of the environment.


3- Support an environmental project

If you choose nature to travel you will not only find beautiful singing birds in the morning and huge ancient trees growing above your head, but people taking care of all that. Organizations and groups of people who preserve the wonders that surround them because they are aware of the importance of the natural capital they were blessed with.

In most of the cases you will find associations with little resources to run programs because, sadly, there is still little environmental awareness and money doesn't flow to the countryside.

If you find a cause in which you really believe, why not think about supporting it with an annual donation (your pocket will not even feel it)? This way, your trip will last in time and will grow as a beautiful seed of hope.


support an environmental project


4- Change the way you travel forever

No matter where you go or what kind of trip you make, there is always a way to be a responsible traveler. If you haven’t read our article about how to be a sustainable tourist, don’t miss our advice on what to eat, where to sleep, what kind of transportation you may use and how to offset your carbon footprint to make your travel a green experience.

Travel differently, meet local people and support projects that care about the environment.

Traveling as a solidary experience

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