How to visit the best places in the world within 1 month

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There are seven continents, five oceans, and 195 countries in the world, what is the number of countries you think you can travel to in your life? Travelling around the world may sound like a big dream for many of us, but it is not as difficult as what we imagine. Every country should be one of the best places in the world to visit in our life.
However, if you are someone like me, an ordinary human being who has maximum one month holiday annually and not earning million dollars every year, you would need to organize your vacation carefully. Every penny and every hour you want to spend in your precious vacation mean a lot!


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In order to achieve minimum 10 countries in one month with low budget, I think Europe could be the best option to visit the best places in the world within 1 month. Reasons are simple:

First of all, once you are inside the EU region, travelling from country to country is convenient since you don’t need visa to cross borders.

Second of all, the transportation is cheap and accessible in most of the European countries.

Here I am sharing some useful ideas of visiting the best places in Europe within one month.


1. Taking budget airlines from one destination to another destination

There are quite a few of nice low cost airlines in Europe, for example EasyJet, RyanAir are my favorite ones.

I was working in the airline industry for two years, and I must say that the European budget airlines are the cheapest that I’ve never seen. There are many routes to many destinations across Europe.

The cheapest fare I have gotten was from Madrid to Milan with 40 euros round trip in May. The other reason why you will like budget airline is you won’t feel unfair when you are purchasing one-way flight ticket. Because the flight tickets are tend to be more expensive in many airline companies when you only get one-way ticket. Budget airline is helping you planning your trip easier and more money-saving.


2. Sharing ride-shares  with other travellers

In Europe, it is common to drive a car from a country to another country. If the air ticket fare is not within your budget, taking a Blabla car is perfectly fine. It might be time consuming, however you get to make new friends and you won’t miss nice views from your window. :)

 I had a fantastic experience when I travel from Vienna, Austria to Bratislava, Slovakia. It only took me about one hour to get to Bratislava and I made two italian friends in this trip.


3. Meeting the locals for sightseeings in order to spend time efficiently

One month sounds long, but actually you can feel the time flies faster when you are on vacation. Spending your time properly in every destination you plan to visit is important.

Meeting the local people is an effective option for you to organize your sightseeing activity. Do you know why? The local knows how to get to the sites with the right transportation, and the local knows what food or restaurants to suggest you, more importantly, the local tells the story of their country.

You can avoid the time to walk around the street for finding a place to eat, and you can complete your checklist in a short time. Doing so, you can move to the next destination in 3 days without missing important things.


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4. Travelling with a camper van

Crossing Europe in a month with a campervan will definitely make your vacation unforgettable. It solves the accommodation needs, and you can visit every corner in the world as you wish.

The campervan is a van with a bed, shower room, kitchen and couch. These vehicles are perfect for going off the beaten track and exploring unsealed roads.

Some models include expandable tent mounted on the roof while others have pop-up roofs for additional sleeping space and storage. Driving in the western Europe can be easier than driving in the eastern Europe, the road has better condition than the eastern side. You will be able to cross Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands and many more if you like.


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