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Why going on vacation alone should be mandatory at least once in life?

Why going on vacation alone should be mandatory at least once in life?
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going on vacation alone
We’re so used to always being surrounded by people: at school, at work, your own family, friends…
If you stop to think about it, unless you live alone or really make an effort to be in your own, it’s hard to find moments that are free of other people’s companion.
I believe this is kind of a fear that society instills in us: that it’s bad to be alone, that loneliness is boring, that id doesn’t feed your soul as much as being with your partner, sister, brother or parents.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Being alone and having the time to think about life, about what direction you should take and just relaxing with your own thoughts is one of the best things that can happen to you, especially if you do it while traveling.
That’s why I want to list some of the greatest benefits that going on vacation alone has, so you can dare to do it al least once in life.




why going on vacation aloneSource: Laurie-Anne Robert

The most obvious one. Traveling alone will give you the independence to do whatever you please at any time. You don’t have to ask permission to anyone, just do your own thing in your own way and it will be okay.

You want to eat a greasy hamburger? You can. You want to sleep until lunch? You can. You want to grab a book, sit in the sand and just read for a couple of hours with no hurries? Of course you can!

You don’t have to behave “properly” because someone’s always with you. Just be a free bird and enjoy your trip. Traveling alone will allow you to suddenly change your plans: if you want to cancel your nights at your hostel and spend some days living with someone from the community that’s welcoming you, it’s totally fine. Who will say a word?



going on vacation alone at least onceSource: Lee Key

Maybe the hardest one to do. The situation will be favourable of course but, aren’t we a little bit scared of looking into our souls and deepest thoughts? Just think that every part of yourself that you get to know better, is a step forward to being 100% in peace with your inner you. Traveling gives you the space and time to know what you like and what you don’t like, what experiences make you learn and what other aren’t your cup of tea.

You could start by answering (honestly) these three questions:

  • How did you feel when you started the trip?
  • How are you feeling now you’re traveling?
  • How do you think you’ll feel when you go back home?

If the answers to these questions make you smile or just be in a better mood, definitely keep doing this, my friend.

You can always take advantage of this time on your own to make some future plans, you establish some life objectives or to redefine some situation in your life you’re no totally happy with. It’s really up to you.




why going on vacation alone is mandatorySource: Michael Discenza

If you’re traveling with a group of friends or your family, you will unconsciously close to your group and don’t look further. But there is way more than what you see in front of you! If you travel alone, you just have to ask for directions, advice or for a phone call. You will have to take the first step and talk to a stranger, which will be a wonderful thing, because you never know who will become your next BFF. Be open enough to share experiences and hear what other people also have to say. It’s great to be able to interact with other travelers or even local people, who are also kinder when they see you alone.

The more people you’re accompanied by, the less possible adventures will come across you. Not saying that traveling with someone else is bad of course, but being alone gives you the enriching opportunity to be as spontaneous as you want. Just dare to ask the first question and be ready for what comes next!


going on vacation alone once in lifeSource: Zacharie Staines

For me, the best part. You don’t realise how used you are to the environment that surrounds you until you go out of your cocoon and start to know people from all over the world; people that live in a totally different kind of city, town or village; people that have other jobs and life experiences… They are the ones that will show you all the secret spots in that place you were dying to know, the ones that will wander the street markets with you and teach you how to prepare typical dishes. How fun would it be?

People will get closer to you if they see you alone. Let’s say you don’t have the usual safety of your group of friends or family. So they’ll guess you’re in kind of an “unprotected” situation and will care more about you for sure.

If you find other travelers or even local buddies who have the free time to wander around with you, the hours you will spend will be invaluable. You can invite her/him to your hometown next time or even plan another future trip. I can tell you by experience that the friends you make while traveling can be certainly forever.

I think that the main point of traveling is diving into other cultures and customs, getting to know how people from all around the world live and think. Just absorb whatever they are willing to give you.


The ones who did travel alone for a while would probably tell a hundred more benefits, but these are quite good reasons to start, right? Not only you will have the time of your life, but you’ll also have a million stories to tell your grandchildren, you’ll get rid of self-consciousness and prejudices.

The world is here for you to explore it. So, what could be better than grabbing your backpack and becoming the owner of your own destiny, deciding where to go, when and how? Give it a try and you’ll be surprised.  

Source of the main picture: Julien Lavallé


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