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What is adventure tourism ? 7 thrilling ideas for Europe

What is adventure tourism ? 7 thrilling ideas for Europe
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So it seems you are craving some European adventures, traveler!

It’s not a surprise for me, since Europe is such a beautiful place for enjoying all kinds of activities that can give you that adrenaline boost you need! If you want to do fun exciting activities while spotting breathtaking landscapes, keep reading this article!


1. Iceberg Watching in Jökulsárlón Lake, Iceland

Oh Iceland… Not just it’s becoming a very trendy destination for nature lovers, but this is also because of a good reason. Lake Jökulsárlón is a pretty accessible place and the views are truly unbelievable. The glacial lake, paired with the Northern Lights is a must-see for any lover of adventure. The lake itself is the second biggest one of Iceland and can be visited with a snowmobile vehicle very easily.


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2. Hiking in Pico Ruivo, Portugal

This is the highest point in Madeira and the walk to the peak (nothing less than 1,862 metres above sea level) is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself as a hiker and get to spot amazing views over the island. You will be crossing some quite impressive ridges and tunnels, so be prepared to let yourself enjoy surrounded by raw and pure nature. It’s something meant for the most adventurers travelers, just keep that in mind.


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3. Hydrospeeding at Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland

Have you ever heard of this cool sport, hydrospeeding? It was also new for me and it’s about riding down rivers and streams (FIY, the waters are COLD!). So you’ll find yourself covered in neoprene, swimming among large ice channels with pretty intense flows of water. This is something really special to do, but note that you should be used to practising some kind of extreme sport in order to keep up!


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4. Snowboarding in The Dolomites, Italy

I’m aware that no one wants to think about winter already, but if you’re planning a different kind of trip, you should start planning in advance. The Dolomites is a place where you can find so many adventures to do and if you love snow, snowboarding here will be an authentic pleasure for all senses. Even if you don’t know, you can start learning here. The feeling of freedom going down a slope as fast as a bird is comparable to nothing, believe me!


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5. Hot Air Balloon Trip in Cappadocia, Turkey

What better way to admire a beautiful landscape like Cappadocia’s? This is the best and most original way to spot the awesome formations that create this kind of wild and unique place. Located in Central Anatolia, all this areas is a natural phenomenon itself. Plus, feeling like a bird and diving into the Turkish clouds during your trip can be the best thing to do in order to unplug and be aware of how many great adventures you can live while traveling.


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6. Kayaking in the Black Sea, Bulgaria

This country offers so many spectacular options for travel addicts and in my opinion, it’s not enough recognised. The Black Sea is perfect for doing some paddling, finding some undiscovered caves and beaches that are not crowded from tourism and of course, kayaking for quite some kilometres just you, your breath and the blue sky. An appealing adventure, right?


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7. Caving in Niaux, Midi-Pyrenees

If you haven’t tried caving yet, you’re definitely missing out. Concretely, the Cave of Niaux visit is not something a lot of people know about. The cave itself is a spectacular archaeological relic that is 14 kilometres long. Yes, you’ve read correctly. It has an impressive gallery of ancient paintings of bisons, horses and ibexes which will leave you speechless if you love history and art. The route can only be done with an expert guide since it’s pretty rough at some points, but the experience is totally worth it.


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If you were wondering: what is adventure tourism like in Europe?”- here you have the answer dear travelers! I hope I gave you some cool and fun ideas to start planning your next travel! As you can see, Europe is an exciting world when it comes to having the best time immersed into nature and thrilling experiences. The Old Continent never fails to amaze us with lots of different plans to do, no matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for. Go for it, you won’t regret it! And tell us if you love some other lovely destination to share with us.


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