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Vegan Food Tour in Paris

Vegan Food Tour in Paris
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Vegan Food Tours In Paris

Vegan Food Tours

Alice, U2GUIDE partner guide and founder of Vegan Food Tours, shares her passion for vegan cuisine through 3 districts of Paris via vegan tours. We had the chance to get an interview with her and learn more about her background.

  • Tell us more about yourself (in a few sentences):

it was after studying hotel management and several experiences as an event sales representative in luxury establishments that I turned to entrepreneurship. The professional environment in which I worked was no longer in line with my values and my way of seeing the world. So, I stopped everything, I did small jobs here and there for 2 years, before finally having the idea of vegan tours.

  • You are the founder of the first vegan gastronomic tours in France. How did you come by this passion for this type of gastronomy and what made you share it?

Vegetarian, almost vegan (cheese was the hardest to stop!), for 3 years for ecological reasons, I became vegan at about the same time as the launch of my company. The concept of food tours was already familiar to me, but I realized that no alternatives promoted a different, ethical and human cuisine, especially in France where the gastronomic culture is very strong. At this moment, the concept was born!

  • There are three types of Vegan Food Tours: Hype in the city, Historical Chic and Urban food. What is the difference between the three of them? Do you have a preference?

The Urban Street tour takes place in Belleville. It’s still a very popular neighbourhood and not touristy at all. I like showing places that most people wouldn’t choose at first if they had a choice. In addition, if you book on Saturday, you can try some homemade vegan cheese! The Chic Historical Tour is very interesting from a historical point of view, it is the richest of the three on this subject. And the Hype in the City tour in the 10th arrondissement concentrates 2 of my favorite restaurants in Paris. So, it’s pretty hard to choose! It all depends on what you are looking for when you come on your way: food, culture, or a change of scenery.

  • As a guide at U2GUIDE, you have the opportunity to donate to an NGO. Is there a cause that is particularly close to your heart?

The environment is particularly important to me. Also, the education and the empowerment of girls matters a lot to me.

You can also find Vegan Food Tours on their website,, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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