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Vans as unforgettable experiences for the rest of your life

Vans as unforgettable experiences for the rest of your life
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vans as unforgettable experiences for the rest of your life
Whether you’re used or not to travelling all the time, when you organize your excursions in the same way, you don’t realise how much small details can change your next travel experience.
That’s why I encourage you to erase from your mind cars and planes and try “the van method”. I’m certain you’ll fall in love with this kind of trip. And to make my point, here you have why you sholuld consider vans as unforgettable experiences for the rest of your life:


1. Freedom. Maybe the most important out of all the ones we’re going to mention. Yo can go wherever you want, do whatever you please and no one will say a single word. With a van in your hands, the world is yours.  

how to travel in a vanSource: Robson Hatsukami Morgan 


2. Travelling with your house on your back will provide you more comfort than any other means of transport. No rushes: that’s all that matters is enjoying amazing views and moments with your loved ones.

3. The BEST awaken possible. You can choose where you’re going to wake up and therefore, which views you’ll see first in the morning. An actual privilege.

4. When you get to a random place to spend the night, who knows what beautiful sunrises or landscapes will be awaiting in the morning? Surprising unexpected views are everything.


why traveling in a vanSource: @mitch.cox


5. And at night? The van allows you get lost in an isolated place to enjoy the SKY. Just stare at the stars and be grateful for having those thousand little lanterns all for you.

6. You get to know a lot more about your inner self. You have the time to think, spending a lot of days alone (or at least with few people), so you’ll find yourself in situations you’re not familiar with. Try to make the most out of these moments: learn how to face fear and be a happier person no matter what.

7. If you’re smart and know how to organise, the van will have all the space in the world: learn how to pack and keep all your clothes and food, so there will be no need to carry heavy suitcases all around.


organise a van to travelSource: @vanalog_vibes


8. Having breakfast, lunch or dinner- with your favorite food- in the beach, in some lost woods or in a village with no TV noise or listening to your neighbors yelling. Just silence– if that’s what you’re going for-.

9. Speaking of food, imagine what it must be like to grab all natural ingredients: fruits of the forest, chestnuts, mushrooms or even buy local products in lost villages to make your own delicious meals everyday.

10. If you have a family, the convenience of being able to stop every time you want to eat, rest or spend some quality time outdoors, is one of the best reasons to get in your van and let go.


family travel in a vanSource: Road Trip Oregon


11. If you solo travel, a van will allow you to go at your own pace: no hurries from anyone, your own music and rules. The van is your independent republic.

12. Whether you’re a big family (or not), a group of friends or a couple, you can’t imagine how much money you save in hotels, food and many other travel necessities being able to gather everything in this magic vehicle.

13. You can even become a more sustainable traveler and add some solar panels to produce your own energy. All kinds of options are available if you make your research beforehand.

14. If one of your plans is to practise some sport, a bike, a surfboard, your diving equipment or any other materials can be transported comfortably in a van.


being sustainable in a vanSource: Surf Today


15. If you stop to sleep overnight in a van parking, it’ll be so easy for you to meet new friends and people like-minded who enjoy the peace that some days in the road can give you.

16. Maybe you, your family, friends or partners are travelers who don’t like to draw attention in public at all. In this case, a van is the king of discretion, specially when you have to park somewhere full of of people to have lunch, dinner or whatever. An RV, for instance, can be much more noticeable.


To get some ideas of how to transform your van into your new home for traveling, here you have a video inspiration: “Girl builds a campervan: 32 months in 4 minutes”.


I’m sure these pros are just the beginning. Travelers whose best friend is a van are the happiest ones and of course you have to adapt to this new lifestyle for a few days (months or years). But you will actually end up loving this journey, where knowing your inner self and being delighted by the pleasure of wandering will be your biggest rewards.


Source: Favim


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