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Ultimate list of 5 things to do in Ushuaia out of the beaten path

Ultimate list of 5 things to do in Ushuaia out of the beaten path
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things to do in Ushuaia out of the beaten path
Before starting to write this article, I was asking to myself: What would it be like to make “the end of the world” my next travel destination? Maybe you’ve guessed what I’m talking about! It’s Ushuaia, in the south of Argentina.

As you might know from my last article, I’m an Argentinian and I really want to intrigue you about this awesome place by telling you several things to do in Ushuaia out of the beaten path. Because -at least for me- when visiting such spectacular spots, sometimes you should do it in a way nobody knows.

Don’t stick to the usual, look further and dare to do things in a different way!


1. A must-see: Tierra Mayor

Tierra Mayor UshuaiaSource: Yting

One of the most beautiful places to ski (specially from june to october- one of the longest snow seasons in the world) is Tierra Mayor, where incredible mountains, breathtakingly white landscapes and even some iglus will leave you speechless.

An alternative?

Hop on a dog sled with your camping gear and visit these iced landscapes to spend some time away from the civilization. Remember to bring some hot beverages and someone who is used to theses paths!


2. A must-see: Península Mitre

Península Mitre UshuaiaSource: Knuckle Heas Adventure Tours

Península Mitre, 200 km away from Ushuaia. It’s an isolated area filled with beautiful beaches that alternate with crystal clear water streams. If you get lucky, you might even run into one of the many herds of the majestic wild horses that populate the area. You will love it, not only because of these views, but for the loneliness of this peninsula itself. It’ll let you connect with your inner self, that’s for sure.

An alternative?

Instead of wandering with a horse -as it’s the fastest means of travel there-, grab some provisions and travel the Peninsula Mitre with one of its wise locals, who can guide you in your camping trip to the end of the world. But be careful! There is no path trace there, so you might get lost if you go on your own.


3. A must-see: Cerro Castor

Cerro Castor skiing ushuaia
Source: Travel all together

Cerro Castor is an excellent place if you’re an expert skier, since you can get there by cable car and go down all over the slopes gliding like a real pro.

An alternative?

There aren’t really many alternative options for this specific place, the highest spots are pretty “hard” to reach.


4. A must-see: Laguna Esmeralda

laguna esmeralda ushuaiaSource: Logo TDF Aventura

Let’s have some water! I recommend you to visit Laguna Esmeralda, which is not in the usual touristic planning for travellers who go to Ushuaia. It’s just 20 km away from it, but if you want to get there, trekking is the only means possible. A huge blue lagoon will stand in front of you, surrounded by enormous glaciers and mountains.


An alternative?

Take a look into the dams that castors naturally build themselves. It’ll be awesome to see them work together taking long dips in the water.


5. A must-see: Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego

sunset in ushuaia canal de beagleSource: Newton 114

You can go the Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego, which covers 63 thousand hectares of woods. Here you’ll be surrounded by impressive mountain chains and beautiful lakes where you’ll be able to get to know how all kinds of flora and fauna coexist in this icy weather and most importantly, how to help prevent their their extinction. This proves that it’s easy to acknowledge the reality behind all the marvels in nature, you just have to scratch a little bit.


An alternative?

Swim in the mysterious depths of Canal de Beagle. Go underwater instead of travelling over these magnificent lands soaking yourself in ice and more ice. Great treasures are awaiting beneath the surface!

In case swimming adventures are not your cup of tea, try to meet local people who will recommend you the best viewing spots in Canal de Beagle. I can’t tell you how breathtaking it is to watch the sun go down while staring towards the coast of Ushuaia, as these areas are very close to each other.


Did I convince you to make Ushuaia your next travel destination? 😉

Source: Tolkeyen Patagonia Turismo.


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