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Traveling Europe for a Month: Most Romantic Destinations

Traveling Europe for a Month: Most Romantic Destinations
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If you’re thinking of traveling Europe for a month with you loved one, you should keep reading. We’ve handpicked the 7 most romantic spots you should consider, from famous ones to hidden germs, there are options for every tastes.

Giant’s causeway

Let’s start in the north, concretely in Ireland which, in my opinion, is such an underestimated destination. You and I know that its nature and landscapes are from another world, but Giant’s Causeway is one of those raw places with wild waves and structures of rocks that you never want to leave. If you’re the kind of couple who loves calm trips, Giant’s Causeway will make you fall in love.

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I’ve always thought that cities with a medieval vibe are the way to go for romantic trips. They are just more cozy and easier to visit if you’re immersed in a long tour. Austria in general has this kind of feeling to it, but Salzburg is a perfect spot, not only is it small and sustainable (you can walk, bike or take your little boat to move around the Salzach River), but lovely like no other. The Schloss Hellbrunn palace is also a 16th-century delight to see.

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You knew this was coming. It’s impossible not to find Paris in a list of “anything romantic”, but… I’m here to entice you to visit Paris in a different way, which is always so much more fun. A nice idea is to visit it throughout some culinary tours, created by yourselves or by a local! Wandering around its markets can be so fun! Food is something that always brings people together, especially if you’re in France and you have all sorts of gastronomic options at your disposal.

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Geoffroy Hauwen

Lake Como

You can pretty much say that Italy, just by the way people talk, is the most romantic place in the world. But besides from the accent, the Lake Como Area, embellished with the tiniest boats, the colourful houses and the green hills surrounding them is a dream destination for a couple. Unwind from the crazy travel routine in a fairytale spot like these, while you leverage your trip to engage with locals and taste the delicious typical Italian food.

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You might picture Algarve as a beachy and touristy kind of place to go. Well, you can skip this part of the city and visit the loveliest cove in the area like Praia do Carvalho, Praia de Dona Ana or Praia de Albandeira. Such stunning places, I can tell you! By visiting Algarve you will find here rocky cliffs and the bluest waters to get lost and enjoy wild nature. Even if it’s autumn or winter, it’s really worth a visit. Plus, Portugal in general is really affordable and locals are so, so warm everywhere.

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You already know Spain has a special place in my heart, but I have to tell you that if you’re looking for the most welcoming locals, excellent food and typical Spanish culture all at once, Córdoba is your place. So much history is going around this city. And if you two are into it, you must visit its infamous mosque. It’s one of the most important historical spots in the country and it’s really impressive from the inside. Tiny narrow streets and the smallest shops and bars fill Cordoba for spending at least a few days.

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For me, a Mediterranean destination is key when traveling with your partner. Not only because of the climate (which is always a plus), but for the chilled and local vibes. Who doesn’t love a good dose of its charming little white houses and the infinite turquoise beaches? I guessed so. Sharing this picture perfect destination with other significant might be the best way to end up your European trip.


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There are so many options out on the web… these are safe bets. If you want to have a great time, just make sure to choose your destination according to you beloved tastes. If you’re lucky you’ll have the same taste. If you don’t, well, that’s what it take to please our better half – a little bit of sacrifice, doesn’t it?

If you have been anywhere romantic lately and would like to let our community know about it. Please share in the comment section!


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