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Together We're stronger _ Photo contest by U2GUIDE

Together we're not 'strangers':

A social impact photography contest.

#TogetherStronger – While traveling, many of us take pictures of locals. They are strangers yet somehow, they move us to be curious; inexplicably, we want to connect.

One day the so-called strangers flee their country. They knock on our door and they want to connect, but now, inexplicably, we don’t.

The “Together we’re straongers!” social impact photography contest wishes to bridge the gap between these two subjective perceptions of the stranger. The contest invites all travelers to share their best picture of ‘a stranger’. 15 of these best pictures will be exhibited and sold in Paris & Madrid. 50% of all profits will benefit SINGA, our partner that strives to change the paradigm around refugees in Europe by helping them integrate more fully into society.

Share your picture

In a street you pass by every day, or while having the trip of your life in a foreign country, you saw a stranger and you were captivated. Luckily, you captured the beautiful moment with a photo. Show us your best work!

Get tons of views

The contest will be promoted to more than a million viewers in over 100 countries. The 15 most admired pictures will be exhibited in an outstanding venue in Paris ; with a private viewing

Win your next trip

During the exhibition, all visitors will be invited to select their favorite photograph. The photographer who receives the most votes will win a trip to the destination of their choice

Have impact

Winning photos will be available for purchase; photographers receive 50% of the profits and the remaining 50% will be donated to SINGA, our partner that works with refugees in Europe.

To participate please follow these simple steps: click on the « participate now » button above, complete the form and accept the terms and conditions of the contest. You will receive an email inviting you to submit your photo. Choose wisely!

Closing date: May 31, 2018, at midnight (Paris time)

The contest will be promoted to more than 1 million people who will be invited to vote for their favorite pictures. Tell your family and friends about your submission so they can vote for you! The 30 pictures that receive the highest number of public votes will be submitted to our prestigious Jury.

Closing date for votes: May 31, 2018 at midnight (Paris time)

The jury will select the 15 best pictures based on their aesthetic qualities. The photo’s capacity to convey emotion will be a main criterion of evaluation.

Closing date for the Jury’s selection: June 10, 2018 at midnight (Paris time)

The 15 pictures selected by the Jury will be exhibited in Paris for 2 consecutive weeks and will start with a Private viewing.

In Paris, the exhibition will take place in the very unique & innovative “la Recyclerie” on June 29 2018.

The 15 selected pictures will be sold online and through the exhibitions.

50% of the profit will go to the photographer. The other 50% to SINGA, our partner working with refugees.

Closing date:  July 31, 2018, midnight (Paris time) 

The winner will be nominated by the public vote tally presented during the Vernissage.

He·she will be awarded:

  • A flight ticket of over 500€, co-sponsored by our partners
  • A travel voucher of 200€ to book any experience on U2GUIDE
  • More to come soon…

Winner announcement date: after June 29. 

Invite your networks, spread the word!


SINGA is a citizen’s movement that creates a platform for meeting, exchanging and collaboration between refugees and their host society in order to foster co-existence, cultural enrichment and the job creation. 

SINGA aims to support refugees in their socio-economic integration by providing innovative solutions and promoting exchanges and cooperation with the host society, that is, accompanying refugees to develop their associative, artistic or entrepreneurial projects.

Singa invites society to rethink the public debate around asylum and refugees by valuing individuals, involving citizens and approaching the subject from a fresh perspective. 

It strengthens “living together” by promoting cultural enrichment and stimulating the development of new activities in the host country. These activities help to fight against exclusion, poverty, racism or xenophobia, hence raising awareness and consciousness about asylum and immigration.

The jury

Cyrielle Hariel


Jury chair·wo·man
Journalist (EUROPE1, Ushuaia TV ...)

Sidney Carron





Journalist & Writer


Delphine MOREAU


Guillaume AMET




Journalist & Founder of Ethic.es magazine

Günther Gheeraert


Photographer & Videographer


Sharbel KANOUN

Photographer for SINGA




Edouard Rose

Edouard ROSE

sinny&ooko, Event manager


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More to come soon