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The traveler’s good resolutions

The traveler’s good resolutions
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The traveler's good resolutions for 2019

A new year is starting and U2GUIDE wishes you travels, encounters and… to have an impact. Now that the festivities are over, it is time to do our list of the new year’s good resolutions. “Working out more”? “Eating healthier”?  Yes of course, but how to have an impact? We have prepared an inspiring list of 10 good resolutions.

1. Discover another culture, another country like a local

Authenticity makes the beauty of a journey. This year, travel off the beaten track, be curious about the culture and meet the locals.

2. Learn a new language

Even though not knowing the local language is not always an obstacle to fully enjoy a journey, learning it is very similar to a traveling metaphor: go beyond your fears, adapt, exchange and share to feel even closer to the locals.

3. Travel somewhere you’ve always dreamed to go

Are you postponing this trip you’ve been dreaming of for years? It’s time to do it! Whether it is the discovery of India, a safari in Tanzania or a memorable trek in Costa Rica, organize this trip, plan your experiences, take your tickets and go over there!

4. Do more sustainable tourism

2019 is the year of sustainable and responsible tourism. Reduce your carbon footprint, respect local populations, support a cause while traveling… All these are good practices that we can already do to travel better.

5. Suppport an NGO or an association

This is one of the resolutions that we value the most. Take the time to make the world a better place by supporting an NGO or an association. U2GUIDE’s philosophy is to allow each of us to improve the world and preserve the environment while travelling.

6. Disconnect and enjoy the present moment

Don’t you think that happiness can be found elsewhere than in our phones? This year let’s focus on the essentials: sharing moments with friends or locals, reading a paper novel, meditating in the middle of the forest… Forget all about networks and take the time to recharge your batteries.

7. Do more slow tourism: take your time during your next trip

During these past few years, we have been traveling faster and further. But now, slow tourism is the new way of traveling: take your time, live authentic experiences and make the pleasure of traveling a priority. In other words, enjoy deeper your travel experience.

8. Share your travel moments and open up to others

Some people think that happiness is only true if it is shared. This year open up to others and go travel with friends or strangers. Go and meet the locals, sleep at the locals’, let yourself be guided by the people around you.

9. Do microadventure: discover your own country

You don’t have to go to the other side of the world to travel. The experiences can also take place nearby your city. Do more microadventure: discovering your own country is also an inexpensive and practical way to experience daily adventure.

10. Discover worldwide cuisine

We finish this list with the most gourmet resolution. During your travels, discover the worldwide cuisine. Taste and learn how to cook typical dishes with locals, go to traditional restaurants and discover another culinary world.


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