The happiest countries in the world for you to visit

The happiest countries in the world for you to visit
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Today I was researching the Internet to get some inspiration to write. I wanted to talk about some ranking, a list of countries in which you’ll be able to see some useful information about traveling and sustainability. I didn’t have an specific topic defined in my head so I just started to type random words. Some articles appeared in the screen, most of them related to lists of countries with more corruption, the poorest ones, the most polluted, etc.

That’s why I decided to let you know which countries are the happiest ones. I guess a lot of people is also fed up with bad news and since we are still getting Valentine’s vibes, let’s keep talking about positive stuff and inspiring destinations for this 2017. These are some of the happiest countries in the world according to the ONU’s World Happiness report:


1. Denmark

This friendly country is on the first position, standing out for how they beautifully mix modern and old constructions in the cities. One of the most popular activities to do here is biking. Try to wander through its picturesquegondola rides sw alleys in Copenhagen, they won’t disappoint you.

Happiest countries in the worldSource: To Vogue or Bust


2. Switzerland

Its lakes and gondola rides are amazing, besides from the delicious chocolate, magnificent ski slopes and the opportunity to do all kinds of sports like paddleing, kayaking or canoeing in wonderful landscapes. And even if you’re thinking about unplugging, taking a gap year here would a great idea, given its high quality life. 

happiest countries in the world SwitzerlandSource: Beaten Berg Bilder


3. Iceland

It’s hard to find a country that has so much natural beauty. Yes, it’s cold but what about the Blue Lagoon with healing thermal waters, as well as its beautiful national parks, outdoors swimming pools or aurora borealis? They’re really a miracle of nature.

happiest countries in the world IcelandSource: Go Today


4. Norway

One of the most stunning places in the world to do nature tourism by bike, kayak or even walking tours. Here, you can also witness the aurora borealis, the Norwegian Fjords (of course- mandatory visit) and outdoor festivals.

happiest countries in the world norwaySource: Independent


5. Finland

Hundreds of crystal clear lakes and places like Laponia- home of Santa Claus- are waiting for you in Finland, along with its 3 millions saunas available if you want to relax your body from wandering around the city all day.

happiest countries in the world finlandSource: Live Happy


6. Canada

A great country that mixes a lot of astonishing nature and great cultural activities. The Glacier Skywalks will allow you to enjoy the wonderful views of Banff National Park (one of the many they have) or if you prefer it, hiking the canadian Rocky Mountains is also a healthy and entertaining activity to get in touch with nature.

happiest countries in the world canadaSource: Central Travel


7. Netherlands

The country with the highest rates of physical activity and proudly brag of having more than 32.000 kilometers of bicycle lanes. The bike will be your best friend to travel through its thousand of canals, the Market of Flowers or museums like the one dedicated to Van Gogh.

happpiest countries in the world netherlandsSource: Netherlands Tourism


8. New Zealand

The perfect destination for backpackers, van travelers, etc. It’s one the most eco-friendly countries, with low levels of pollution and a biological diversity that will impress you, as well as the opportunity to practise extreme sports and do tours around the incredible green landscapes.

happiest countries in the world new zealandSource: Kiaoranz Weebly


9. Australia

Nice tight-knit locals, a lot of sunshine, a large number of national parks and many nature related spots to visit such as the Daintree Rainforest, The Great Barrier Reef or Uluru. I can understand its people being so happy when you have an endless summer, clear environment, healthy attitude towards life and lots of options for slow traveling if you want to get to know the country.

hppiest countries i the world australiaSource: Cruise Whitsanders


10. Sweden

Swedish people have a strong sense of community and an amazing chocolate. Museums like the Vasa one in Stockholm or its old city (Gamla Stan) are great options to visit. If you want a little nature, the archipelagos in Northern Sweden are also breathtaking.

happiest countries in the world swedenSource: Visit Sweden


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