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The different beauty standards around the world

The different beauty standards around the world
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The beauty standards around the world are absolutely amazing. What a South African finds appealing may not be the same for a Colombian. That goes without saying. But such a diversity is surprising. Some of these beauty standards might actually give you goosebumps! 
Let’s dive into these attributes that make one more desirable in a country or another. And if there’s one you’d like to try, let us know!  


Ethiopia: Scarification

beauty standards around the world EthiopiaSource: CVLT Nation

In the Karo tribe, It’s usual to make scars in little girls’ bellies, so when they get to puberty, it will be easier for them to attract men. Scars are considered beautiful and a sign of power. This culture considers “skin depth” beautiful, so they do whatever it takes to get scarification be noticeable in women’s bodies.


Kenya: long pierced ears and bold heads

beauty standards around the world Kenya MasaiSource: Screw Yourself

Maasai tribe sees long ears and bald heads very attractive. It’s said that, besides from shaving their heads almost completely, they usually use elephant tusks to pierce their ears and keep them stretched constantly. These are two of the most important requirements for women to be considered beautiful in the Maasai world.


Niger: Striking makeup

beauty standards around the world nigerSource: Onedio

In Niger, the Wodaabe tribe men wear a lot of makeup in order to be more attractive for women. Once a year, they carry a ritual ceremony called Gerewol, where men dress up and put red, white and black makeup on, so they can perform an amazing dance and thus try to encourage the most beautiful women of the tribe to choose them as their husbands.


Thailand: Long necks

beauty standards around the world thailandSource: Marie Claire

Long necks are a must for the Kayan tribe women. When they are only five years old, they start to put in their necks brass rings, which will help stretch them slowly, adding more and more coils each year. This way, shoulders are pushed down creating a way longer neck. This is very painful technique, due to the weight of the rings: they can weigh up to 10 kilos.


Ethiopia: big bellies

beauty standards around the world Ethiopia MenSource: Daily Mail

Going back to this amazing country, here men are considered more attractive if they have a big belly. In the Bodi tribe, men usually eat certain things like cow blood in order to make their stomach size grow. They obviously tend to get fatter in all areas of their bodies, but this will result more attractive to women of their tribe, actually.


Japan and China: pale skin

beauty standards around the world Japan and China pale skinSource: Quora

Besides from looking very childish and innocent in the way they talk and dress, Asian girls usually avoid sun at all costs. Very pale (and even white) skin is considered as a really attractive sign in women. They use cosmetic products to whiten their skins. It’s very hard to find skin care that doesn’t have bleaching properties in it.


Mauritania: Overweight

beauty standards around the world mauritaniaSource: Hard Rain Project

It’s crazy how certain patterns change from one culture to another. While in most Western countries, people and are always worried about calories, in Mauritania girls are considered more attractive the fatter they are. And if they have stretch marks, even better. Girls are sometimes sent to “fat farms” where they are forced to eat in order to reach an “ideal figure”.


New Zealand: Face Tattoos

beauty standards around the world new zealandSource: Life Hack Lane

The Maori tribe has this kind of curious beauty standard in women, and they think they are prettier if they have their lips and chin tattooed. They would tattoo themselves swirling shapes that are called Ta-moko. Blue tattoos are considered the most beautiful. Nowadays, a tattoo machine is used, whereas in former days, a chisel was the way to go to carve grooves into the skin.


Papua New Guinea: crocodile skin

beauty standards around the world papua new guineaSource: Amazing Stuff

In Sepik, Papua New Guinea, the crocodile is almost a sacred animal. That’s why young men, when celebrating their coming of age, have to pass through a painful scarification to “demonstrate” they have become actual men. Their skin is cut with knives mimicking the rough skin of the animal. This ritual is done in the face, arms and torso.


The beauty standards around the world are different because of traditions, believes, religions and more. It’s fascinating how our brains are actually conditioned to appreciate this or that standard. Would a european easily be attracted to scarified Ethiopian body? Probably not!  Though it sometime happens, it’s kind of rare to have someone from a culture to really be able to appreciate (read “to be attracted to”) the beauty standard of another one. And if you read more about the different traditions around the world you’ll see that beauty is not the only thing that can be drastically different from a place to another.
Have a beauty standard that fascinated you?  Let us know below!


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