Social Impact Photo Contest – The Wise Lady

Social Impact Photo Contest – The Wise Lady
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Our Social Impact Photo Contest “Together we’re stronger” is proud to release A photo A day: 

Today, Emmanuelle Freget brings us to Senegal. This striking photo can be purchased. 50% of profits will go to SINGA, our partner NGO accompanying refugees in France and Europe. The other 50% will go to Emmanuelle.

Or when to get hold of a beautiful photograph is to reach out to the refugees. #TogetherStrong # Solidarity #Photography​

50% of profits made by selling this photo will be donated to SINGA, our partner NGO accompanying refugees in their successful insertion in France & Europe. 

 Emmanuelle Freget


Humanist photographer, I’m based  in the lower Cévennes, but take the road as soon as the opportunity arises, in order to meet the other…

The wise Lady

is a photograph that was made in Casamance, Senegal, at Oussouye orphanage, in February 2014.

I had stayed there for a while to offer my help and to make a photo report.

The first day, I met Bernadette.

This woman, then 93 years old, greatly touched me because of her authenticity, sincerity and joyfulness.

She spent her time on the front steps watching the children, under the bougainvillea and in the warmth of this timeless space.

We spent a few hours together to exchange, to let the time pass, to watch the children play, just enjoying the moment.

I enjoyed capturing her in my lens as we exchanged in an eloquent silence or a moment of sharing filled with sweetness.

Her depth of soul will remain engraved in me just as these unique moments…

Photography has always been for me, a tool for creating links and encounters, which speaks only of the reflection of the moment spent and lived.

Co-founder at |

Philanthropist & Changemaker


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