Social Impact Photo Contest – Sokhanan

Social Impact Photo Contest – Sokhanan
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Our Social Impact Photo Contest “Together we’re stronger” is proud to release A photo A day: 

Today, Benoit FACCHI invites us to travel to India with this wonderful photograph that can be purchased to support SINGA, our partner accompanying refugees in France and Europe. 

photo contest U2GUIDE par Benoit by

Or when to get hold of a beautiful photograph is to reach out to the refugees. #TogetherStrong # Solidarity #Photography

50% of profits made by selling this photo will be donated to SINGA, which does an outstanding work in accompanying refugees in their successful insertion in France & Europe. 



I have always been close to nature and to human, both in my daily life and when traveling. We are all aliens to our neighbour, but I prefer to consider that we are all part of the same family of human beings.


In 2013, during a trip to India, I met a sadhu on the edge of Ganje on Varanasi ghats named Padmanand, who invited me to spend a few days in his little ashram in Chhata, in the region of Uttar Pradesh.

For 5 days, his devotee Sokhanan took care of Yamina my companion and me as his brother and sister, feeding us and bringing us the most comfort possible despite material deprivation, without ever asking anything in return.

Every evening, Sokhanan took care of the puja, a Hindu ritual in homage to Lord Shiva. That’s when I took this picture, the last day before we left.

I chose this photo because it symbolizes well the idea of hospitality in my opinion: the sharing of culture, tradition, an open door with light from inside …

We will never forget this meeting full of human warmth, exchange, smiles and joy. This was the first time that they welcomed foreigners to their homes in the Indian countryside, far from tourist sites, and a first for us also to share the daily life of sadhus.

A rewarding and exotic experience that has marked us for life. We will never forget them!

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