Rebuild Notre-Dame de Paris by traveling

Rebuild Notre-Dame de Paris by traveling
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Rebuild Notre-Dame de Paris through travel

U2Guide‘s DNA is to finance cultural, environmental and social actions through tourism. Legitimately, the travel platform intends to engage its community in the rescue of a major & universal cultural jewel.

Notre Dame de Paris
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Generate Donations for the Fondation du Patrimoine

As you may know, U2Guide is a social company using tourism as a funding lever for cultural, environmental and social projects, carried out by carefully selected partner NGOs. Professional tour guides and service providers give at least 1% to the cause of their choice. Travelers also give at least 1% of their transactions. Today, U2Guide is committed to Notre-Dame Cathedral. We want to allow tourism to finance the renovation of this tourism symbol.

How Does it Work?

Since April 16, 2019, you can select Notre-Dame Cathedral as the beneficiary of the donations you generate:

  • Tourist service providers can donate part of their earnings (min. 1%) to the Fondation du Patrimoine
  • Travelers can donate part of their transactions (min. 1%) to the Fondation du Patrimoine.

A call to service providers, tour guides and the tourism industry to do more together.

U2Guide is a community but above all a tool that allows each of its members to use tourism as a simple and quick means of financing for the benefit of the general interest. Notre-Dame Cathedral is a cultural jewel of humanity and it seems to me that everyone wants to contribute to the reconstruction of the building. Therefore, we invite those for whom this approach makes sense to join us: the 33,000 members of the platform, but also our NGO partners and our tourism partners such as the Saint-Paul-Rive-Gauche hotel and the BASSS hotel, to name but a few. The media also have an important role to play in catalyzing our joint actions. ” – Éric Mangin, co-founder & CEO of U2Guide

Each €1 donation generated on the platform in favor of Notre-Dame Cathedral (via the Fondation du Patrimoine) will result in €1 donated by U2Guide for the same cause.

Help rebuilding this iconic monument through our different experiences.

Other causes to support

And if you think that other projects should also be funded, you can of course choose one of our many carefully selected projects. Our next newsletter will also focus on this subject, stay tuned!



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