Photo contest _ Banfora’s waterfalls

Photo contest _ Banfora’s waterfalls
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Photo Contest “Together We’re Stronger”: A photo a day.

Today, Chama Chereau brings us to  Burkina Faso with this amazing  photograph, sold in favour of refugees, via the NGO SINGA.

Cascades de Banfora

Or when to get hold of a beautiful photograph is to reach out to the refugees. #TogetherStrong # Solidarity #Photography

50% of profits made by selling the photo will be donated to SINGA, which does an outstanding work in accompanying refugees in their successful insertion in France & Europe. 

Chama Chereau


Graduate of a photography school (EFET), Chama works with both film and digital cameras. The first, she uses it to deal with everyday life, emotions and suspended time. She uses the second when the time accelerates!

Banfora’s waterfalls

Burkina Faso, literally “Land of honest men”, is landlocked in the heart of West Africa. Burkina translates as “integrity, honor” in Moré and Faso translates as “territory, land or homeland” in Dioula. A land rich in images and colors.

Encounters and faces have made possible to constitute a mosaic of portraits representing the effervescence of Burkina Faso.

This photographic project was born from a trip to Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso from January to March 2016.

This photograph was taken during a stopover at the Banfora Waterfalls with the team that constituted the humanitarian project.

This image represents a fullness, a moment of serenity after months of work on this project.

This young man very naturally laid down in this waterfall, I only had to trigger my film, and seize this moment.

Forgiveness, tolerance and wisdom are the language of strong men.

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