Off the beaten path Thailand: a list of 5 places you’ve never heard of

Off the beaten path Thailand: a list of 5 places you’ve never heard of
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When a destination is all the rage, like Thailand is right now, you may think that there’s not any spot that can surprise you in this beautiful country. Well, there is indeed. And here you have a list of five places to get to know some off-the-beaten-path Thailand. Let’s do this!

1. Erawan Waterfalls

This hypnotising spot is pretty well-known by locals, but when you get here you can easily see that tourists do not visit it very often since it’s a bit far away from the city (Bangkok concretely). They are located in the Erawan National Park– the place is full of dreamy natural pools and a forest, very similar to the ones you see on Instagram. You can take a dip in its waters all year round and although the trip might get a bit long (two buses and a trek to enter the park), the visit is totally worth it.

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2. Phetchabun

It’s hard not to think that this landscape is from a fairytale. Phetchabun is full of lakes, national parks and mountains that explored the best with a bike or a motorcycle – try to keep it as sustainable as possible! One of the most beautiful views you’ll have here if the Wat Pha Sorn Kaew Temple, which is called “the temple on a high glass cliff” because of its location: you can spot the most stunning background, full of trees and rich nature. In the actual temple, there is a huge pagoda that makes the scenery even more sacred.


3. Koh Mak

Talking about destinations that barely any tourists visit, this island is the perfect example. It’s located in the Eastern Gulf of Thailand and it’s perfect for relaxing and slow traveling if you will. In its beaches you can find hammocks, wooden bungalows and coconuts in the most part. In fact, you can stay in these bungalows if you want; most of them are family-run businesses. But… if you’re into exploring, you can find some nice tiny fishing villages to immerse into the local culture for a while. Does it sound appealing to you? It does to me!

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4. Koh Phayam

This is another island that is totally underrated by travelers who look for authentic experiences when visiting Thailand. Its population barely reaches 500 hundred people and you won’t find that many tourists here but, this is where the charm resides. The energy here is actually very relaxed. You can fly to Koh Phayam from Bangkok and take a ferry or a boat to the island. One of the best things is that you can find a variety of vegetarian dishes to taste that stays true to the hippie style of the island.

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5. Phanom Rung

This place has the best preserved Khmer monument in the country – and the biggest one also! It’s a spot that is really worth visiting if you’re into history and not being bothered by crowds of people! One curious fact is that the temple is located on the rim of an extinct volcano. The vibes here are totally quiet and chill, much more than on other Southeast Asian monuments that are generally so hard to visit, like the Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

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I believe that one of the best things that Thailand has for traveling is, at least in the places I’ve mentioned that it’s cheap and you can do your trips in the most sustainable and local way, getting to know the culture, daily habits and traditions as much as you want. It really pays off to do your trips this way: you can’t value how much you learn until you are immersed into the routine and see how different everything is from what you expected.


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