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Off the Beaten Path Peru: 8 Stunning Places

Off the Beaten Path Peru: 8 Stunning Places
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There’s much more in Peru than traveling to Machu Picchu and Titicaca lake. In order to prove it, we’re going to talk about some impressive places to do an “off the beaten path Peru” visit.
These are definitely going to remain in your memory no matter what. Just read!

1. Akilpo Lake

This is a perfect destination for those travelers who love adventure, turquoise crystalline waters and a weekend trek surrounded by amazing nature landscapes. One of the treks that are really worth it is the one you can from Huaraz, which takes a couple of days and marvelous glacier views once you get there. It’s pretty challenging but definitely rewarding if you just want to unplug from everything.

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2. Gocta Waterfalls

An impressive fall of 771 metres is what you’re going to find in this beautiful waterfall, that was almost unknown until 2006. It’s located in the Amazon Rainforest, in Northern Peru and it’s said to be the fifth waterfall drop on Earth. You can visit many virgin natural areas in the surroundings, which shelters a great variety of native flora and fauna.

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3. Village of Vicos

If you’re all about Peruvian local culture and wisdom, which usually is infinite, Vicos will be a great place to live like locals do and learn what their daily activities are. Things like agriculture, herding cattle and cutting wheat, among many others, are going to immerse you in a routine that’s quite unique. For a complete experience, staying with a local Quechua can be the perfect idea for not missing a thing of Vicos’ culture.

alt="Off the Beaten Path Peru-vicos"Turismo Rural Comunitario



4. Cotahuasi Canyon

Yet another nature destination. Not that well-known, but extremely breathtaking, Cotahuasi Canyon is a 4750 metres natural wonder that doesn’t even seem real. It is really isolated, with not that many roads or built accesses to get to it, but it is worth the extra effort. There’s no need to say that the trek is not the easiest one,but you will be visiting the deepest canyon in the world, which is quite a cool adventure to try.

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5. Máncora

Surf, sand and sun. The rule of the three “S” can be perfectly applied to this awesome place which was the inspiration of the Ernest Hemingway novel “The old man and the sea”. This fishing village has the wildest point break beaches for catching waves and staying in touch with nature along your trip. But note that the environment is quite relaxed here, the pace of life is slow, perfect if you’re not looking for something extreme.

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6. Ballestas Islands

We have to give this group of islands a big shout-out because the biodiversity you can find in here is something to be really proud of. Sea lions, Humboldt penguins and Peruvian boobies are just some species to begin with. You can easily take a boat from Paracas and get here in two hours.

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7. Chan Chan ruins

For those travelers who also seek for history and knowledge while traveling, let us tell you that this is the largest pre-Columbian city in South America . Located in Trujillo, they are the oldest ruins of the country, with nothing less than 20 square kilometres. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986 and it’s literally considered a city made of mud, which is the biggest in the world.

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8. Parque de la Reserva

For some city action, visit the Park of the Reserve (Parque de la Reserva) in Lima. But wait… You might think that a park is not that exciting compared to a canyon or a beautiful island, but yes, it is. This one is full of thirteen impressive fountains that are a true spectacle to watch, especially at night. It’s called El Circuito Mágico del Agua and in some of them you can even pass under the water jets.

alt="off the beaten path peru- parque de la reserva"Viator


So here you have it. A nice mix of nature, nice people and culture to visit Peru in a very different way than what travel guides show. The country is a wonder on its own and has so many amazing places to visit. We can do a round two if you want, so let us know what you think! And of course, if you know some other cool spot, just leave down below and share it with us!


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