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Nostradamus: new predictions for 2019

Nostradamus: new predictions for 2019
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Nostradamus : New year, new predictions

Even without a strong faith in astrology, we are always tempted to read our horoscopes and take a look at our loved ones’ too. In the same vein, the new year excites our curiosity and makes us want to look at predictions, especially the ones of a certain Nostradamus. In fact for almost five centuries, this French doctor, pharmacist and astrologist hasn’t stopped making the headlines in terms of prophecies. Was he a natural born psychic or a charlatan? What are his predictions for 2019? U2GUIDE investigates.


On Nostradamus’ steps in Salon-de-Provence

The investigation starts on the streets of the charming provencal town of Salon-de-Provence and more precisely in Nostradamus’ previous house turned into a museum. He settled there with his second wife in 1547. Born in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in 1503, he studied medicine, pharmacy and astrology in Montpellier. He then married a first time in Ages but his wife and their two children died from the plague in 1534. In the museum’s rooms, ten scenes of Nostradamus’ life are reconstructed in a Madame Tussaud style with clever lights and sounds effects. In one of them, we can see a young Nostradamus holding an apple, sitting next to his dad in an orchard. In another one, a figure of Rabelais heals a patient – he studied with Nostradamus in Montpellier -. One room is dedicated to Catherine de Medicis who strongly believed in the astrologist’s predictions. Of course, there is also Nostradamus study room showing the psychic sat at his desk, deeply focussed on writing his prophecies.

« He started with writing almanacs based on astrological calculations, explains Lucette Monge, the deputy manager of the Nostradamus Museum, then in 1555 he published the book of the Centuries, each centurie being composed of 100 quatrains ». Catherine de Medicis herself invited him to the royal court to predict the future of her children. One of the museum’s room shows a quite scary and authoritative wax figure of her. « In 1564, Catherine de Medicis saw Nostradamus again. She and some members of her court even traveled to Salon-de-Provence to see him. Nostradamus became her adviser and predicted that the young Henri de Navarre would become a king, which he did a few years later », Lucette tells. She also adds the French queen and her favorite astrologist kept on writing to each other. Some rumors heard on the streets of Salon even suggest they were lovers…


Predictions and interpretations

Catherine de Medicis was not the only one fond of Nostradamus’ prophecies. His famous quatrains have been fascinating and even obsessing many others for the last five centuries. But Lucette Monge remains cautious:  « people must be careful of what they hear. Nostradamus’ messages are written in an obscure language from the sixteenth century. It’s very difficult to understand and subject to thousands of interpretations ». According to her some of these interpretations can be very eccentric and tarnish the reputation of the man she venerates. The end of world one in 1999 was one of them. Lucette clearly remembers the day of the 11th of August 1999. Fashion designer Paco Rabanne inspired by quatrain 72 of centurie X – The year 1999, seventh month, From the sky will come a great King of Terror: To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols, Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.- predicted the fall of the Mir Space Station and the destruction of Paris and other cities in the south of France! Lucette spent the day of the solar eclipse surrounded by two policemen and was harassed by phone calls asking her if the end of the world was actually going to happen!

However some of Nostradamus’ predictions came true: the great fire of London in 1666, the rise of Napoleon, Louis Pasteur’s work, the moon landing, the Gulf War… But Monstradamus – as he was sometimes called during his time by people who feared him – prophecies can also generate violent and dramatic acts. Japanese cult Aum guru Shoko Asahara revealed Nostradamus quatrains inspired him to perpetrate his 1995 terrorist sarin gas attack in the Tokyo metro which killed 13 people.


How about 2019?

It’s time to leave the streets of Salon-de-Provence and its tourism centre which sells lovely « Nostraminus » kids t-shirts, to discover what the future holds according to the great man. But beware: the news are not good. According to Victor Baines, form the Nostradamus Society in the USA, President Trump will either resign, or be censured or impeached before his term expires in 2020, large earthquakes in Asia, Europe, and America could also occur in 2019, and climate change will slowly create a huge global flood resulting in droughts and famine before the end of this century occurs.

According to Patrick Bouvier, a French renown interpreter of Nostradamus quatrains – he wrote 19 books about their decoding-, « no need to be Nostradamus himself to anticipate that 2019 will be even worse than 2018 in terms of tribulations ». He doesn’t want to say more « not to scare people » and just adds he foresees a nuclear submarine accident in Northern Europe in 2018.

Lucette is much more reassuring. By referring to Nostradamus’ words, she reveals the end of the world is not going to happen before 3797. Phew!


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