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My most unforgettable experience: 6 inspiring travelers stories

My most unforgettable experience: 6 inspiring travelers stories
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My most unforgettable experience
As traveling experiences are always about sharing and living adventures altogether, we wanted to make you smile by these travelers stories.

This may result you inspiring or interesting, but it can also be a great resource of inspiration for your next trip. Who knows?

Let’s jump into what’s been “my most unforgettable experience” for some travelers all around the world.


Oliver Marfil – Morocco

Oliver (from Oliver Trip blog) is a travel blogger that has discovered that traveling can certainly be a way of life and it’s not attached at all to having (or not) money. This is his unforgettable experience:

“Wandering through the south of Morocco, from Marrakech to Merzouga, the Sahara doors, has been my most memorable traveling experience so far.

I wowed me how easy it was to go from one place to another hitchhiking and the hospitality of the people. They can open the doors of their houses or inviting you in for a delicious couscous and a tasty Moroccan tea like they’ve known you for years.

This has been the most complete adventure for me (I’ve already done three group expeditions); not for the touristy attractions, but for the way the trip evolved but its own. The landscape became more arid when you traveled more kilometres, the chaos you can find in Marrakech transforms into a much calmer lifestyle and you are able to see how excited the locals are with your arrival. And everything ended in a perfect way when I reached the magical desert.”

My most unforgettable experience in morocco

Source: Oliver Trip

Annette White – Palau

Annette White, the author of the blog Bucket List Journey, collects her experiences when traveling, so she can give you the best tips and travel routes for your next adventure. This is her favourite moment:

“One of my most favorite travel adventures was swimming in Jellyfish Lake in the tiny Micronesian country of Pulau. The lake is home to millions of jellyfish that are deemed relatively harmless since their sting is so light. It was still frightening for the first five minutes to be completely surrounded by pulsating plankton, some brushing up against my body. But after the panic dissipated, there was something mesmerizing about the way they moved and this became one of my all-time favorite bucket list adventures.”

If you want to know more about this adventorous traveler, in the article Travel and Lifestyle Blogger Annette White Shares Her Bucket List Journey” (Mighty Goods blog), you can get to know her really well and understand the why of her trips!

My most unforgettable experience in palauSource: Keyword Suggested

María José Morón & José Pablo García – Bolivia 

These experienced journalists from the blog A tomar por mundo have been traveling for years and now, share in their blog very useful content on subjects like destinations, travel advice and they even have released a book, as they tell us in the testimony. This is their most memorable experience:

“The Salar of Uyuni, where we got back to being kids: The Salar of Uyuni, the biggest one in the world, is the spot to dream with your eyes open. When a thin layer of water causes the sky to reflect the earth, all your senses start to get crazy and fill you with a lot of different feelings. This place in Bolivia is one of the ones that influenced the most of our trip around the world, as we tell you in our blog A tomar por mundo. It gathered so much beauty together that the cover of our book on our adventure is illustrated with a picture of the Salar. We’ll never forget how this place made us feel, the same as if we were kids again in a Christmas day. Emotion, illusion, happiness, surprise. And the best was to share this experience with other travelers just like us.”

My most unforgettable experience in boliviaSource: De nomades

Rober & Lety – Myanmar

This nice couple, from the blog Mochileando por el mundo, has been publishing info about their trips since 2012 and tell a lot of interesting stories and tips from a really funny point of view. This is their favourite experience:

“Traveling has filled us with memorable moments, like when we traveled through Philippines with a goat in the roof of our car, but one of the stories we love the most was when we saw the sunrise in Shwesandaw Paya, Bagan (Myanmar). We got there by bicycle, surrounded by darkness but accompanied by the prayers of the monks and the sounds of the cocks singing. We were completely alone. And suddenly, when hundreds of little sun rays start to appear, you realise how big and small you are at the same time. It was hands down one of our most unforgettable moments ever.”

My most unforgettable experience myanmarSource: Travel Blog


Matt Smith – Nepal

When asking to the members of the Facebook group “Backpacking New Zealand”, Matt said that his most memorable experience is a volunteering project he’s taking part of right now:

“So hard to pick one! Guess I’ll write about what I’m currently doing. For the past 3 weeks I have been volunteering in Chitwan, Nepal. Building needed infrastructure at a private school. I still have one week left to go here and I’ll miss it so much. The people and country is truly something special! I’d love to come back! My next focus will probably be moving overseas.


Bärbel Mees – Syria

Bärbel Mees, a member of the Facebook group “Travelbff: Women Travel Together”, tells us how amazing it is to be welcomed by exceptional locals:

“In 2005 I backpacked as a female solo traveler through Syria for one month and I met the most amazing and most helpful locals. I had a very old guidebook which was not updated and wanted to visit a Palestinian institute. So I knocked on one door not knowing that this institute didn’t exist anymore and was a normal apartment by now. I interrupted a Syrian family in their dinner and was very embarrassed. But they immediately invited me into their home and for dinner, followed by a sightseeing tour through the whole city. I was so overwhelmed by their friendliness, warmth and welcoming personality without expecting anything in return.”


This compilation of experiences can be very helpful to make you feel the same positive energy these travelers felt when all their stories happened. You don’t have to go too far to live incredible moments, it’s all about taking the first step and being eager to learn about different cultures, having an open mind and agreeing on how enriching and wonderful traveling can be.

Photo: Dariusz Sankowski


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