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Methods to find the best last minute vacation deals

Methods to find the best last minute vacation deals
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methods to find the best last minute vacation deals 
The spring break is getting closer and closer (hurrah!). That means that we should starting planning where we are going to head these days to get a little rest from our daily routines, right?
Well, I’m sure a lot of you (as well as me) might leave all the scheduling and organizing for one week before your break, which means that prices are going to be higher, there will be less room in planes and lodges and so on.
If this is meant to inevitably happen to you, check this list of tips of methods to find the best last minute vacation deals.

Don’t be too demanding

Last minute vacations are not made for travelers that want to go to a specific place, in a specific date, having everything perfectly under control. The best bargains are the ones that are focused on random destinations, which can allow you to save up to an 80% of the price.


Internet is key

Go to the social media pages of low-cost travel companies, that usually tend to publish last minute opportunities just for their followers. In this way, being subscribed to their newsletters is an excellent way to keep up with all the promotions available. Travel forums or Facebook groups are also great to discover the most affordable destinations if you’re in a rush. Many travel agencies publish the cheapest offers for the avid travelers to find them.


Be flexible on the destination

There are some webs like Skyscanner that offer you the possibility to book your trip without knowing the destination beforehand. You just enter the date you want to leave and come back and the site will show all the different options from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. You can find pretty good deals this way, you only need to not be picky and enjoy whatever destinations are presented to you.


Compare, compare and compare

If you head just to one airline site or travel agency, you’ll have much less opportunities than if you get to see them all together. You’ll spend more time looking for the perfect deal, that’s for sure, but getting to see all the offers quietly (all transportations, lodgings, destinations…) will make you not paying more for your booking.

Some of the best sites are Kayak, Trip Advisor or Goodcompare


Avoid traveling on Fridays and Sundays

This is an easy one. The cheapest days to travel are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. A good option usually is departing on a Saturday and coming back on a Sunday. Plus, you’ll also avoid overcrowding in airports, train stations, etc.


Apps for booking “secret” accommodations

This is a practise that is getting quite popular and it consists of booking a trip (specifying some conditions, of course) without knowing what your accommodation will be. It is “revealed” once your transaction is completed. So, if you’re a free bird who doesn’t care that much about the place to spend the nights, this sort of apps can be a very useful tool.


Book your flights separately

If traveling by plane, buying both flights together isn’t always the cheapest option. It can save you some time, but plane tickets prices may fluctuate for one reason or another and if you spend that extra hour looking for separate flights, the difference can be important at the end. Also, trying to land in secondary airports, that can be a little more far away, is a great way to avoid paying unnecessary money.


Be always aware!

When you book a last minute trip, the first price you’re going to see may not be the same as the final one (because of taxes, commissions, etc). So, even if a few days are left for your departure, don’t make compulsive bookings. Double check and make sure the conditions and price are the right ones for your needs.


The art of getting the best last minute deals when traveling is not that easy to master. The most important thing is to keep your mind open about some changes that may take place in your booking process. Just think about having a good time and getting everything properly arranged for the day you’re leaving. The rest will easily come if you are flexible and carefree wherever you’re heading.

Source of the main image: Andy Beales.


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