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Travel agency in Marrakech: Insiders

Travel agency in Marrakech: Insiders
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Meet Thomas from Insiders, a travel agency in Marrakech!

Thomas Chabrières

Thomas Chabrières is a citizen of the world, originally born in the south of France. “I have been working in China since 1999 and my family has been trading with China for the past 150 years. I first worked in advertising and then realized I could probably do something better with my life and contribute in making the world a better place. This is when I started my travel agency, Insiders experience with a few friends and no clear idea of what we were doing. Our goal is to allow people to travel without being tourists, to share an experience of a country we are absolutely passionate about, all of this in style with vintage vehicles.”

To Thomas, China has been the beginning of many positives moves : “I had the chance of travelling from Shanghai to Paris on a vintage sidecar motorbike and I proposed to my wife in Kazakhstan by the Aral sea, a magic moment with a magic person!”. Combining his 3 passions (China, vintage vehicles and meeting people), Thomas feels incredibly lucky to be able to make a living out of it. Through his journey, he learned a lot of things, but the only piece of advice he would give to any traveller would be not planning too much and saying yes to whatever come to their ways.

One move to Paris, another to Love and a third one to Maroc where he decided to create here some amazing & unique travel experiences in Marrakech such as the discovery of Agafay desert in vintage side-car.

Part of our team experienced it and it was, for the lucky ones, one of the most incredible time ever lived… we’re about to publish an article about that so… stay tuned 🙂

He can also be found on Instagram @insidersexperience or on


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