Make a gift

An Experience As a Gift

Mickael Mangot (Happiness Economist), author of the book “Heureux comme Crésus ?“, is a real source of inspiration. In his book, he outlines 30 lessons that make life more enjoyable. U2GUIDE has selected 3 of them, which directly reflect our values.

  • Make gifts all year round

A study by American searchers shows that spending money for others makes us happier than for ourselves, regardless of the amount of the gift.

  • Make donations to NGOs

Donating is an effective way to increase happiness. To quote Mickael Mangot: “Donations to charities have been associated with the same positive effects on mental health as gifts”. Thus, the positive impact of generosity is much greater than we think.

  • Offer experiences

According to Mickael Mangot, experiences such as traveling, bring more happiness than material goods “through the emotions they generate, the symbols they represent or the memories they bring back”. They also promote social relationships during the trip but also afterwards, when discussed with others. Thus, offering an experience has a much more human and profound aspect than offering material goods.

The way you spend your money is much more important than the size of your wallet! Therefore, we have compiled a non-exhaustive list of experiences to offer to your loved ones… for even more happiness!