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List of crazy things to do while traveling after a breakup

List of crazy things to do while traveling after a breakup
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Who hasn’t ever been completely disoriented after a terrible, nasty, horrible breakup? Travel is actually a pretty good way of getting over it, reconnecting with yourself and checking all items of this list of crazy things to do is the way start over.Once you’re done listening to your sad playlist and telling the story over and over to your BF, it’s time to get back on the saddle….. And travel is the best way to start fresh. Here is what we suggest you to do:


1. Before doing anything else, ditch your phone and block your ex from social media

WHY: From now on, everything you do is for you and not for him or to show the world. Disconnecting your devices will allow you to truly live the moment.


2. Find your next destination and buy tickets right away

If your bank account doesn’t allow you to, take the weekend off and go to another city nearby.

WHY: you don’t have to explain what you’re doing to anyone anymore. Spontaneity is your very best ally! Stop thinking, start acting!


3. In the plane / train / bus / tuktuk, cry like crazy and tell all the nasty things about your ex to the person sitting next you

WHY: relationship drama is universal and most people will support you and show empathy. It will boost your moral and give you the strenght to carry on this list of crazy things to do


4. Find locals in the city center, make new friends and be a party animal with them.

If you’re nearby, you can also join world famous parties, such as the Full Moon Party at Kho Pha Gan or the Oktoberfest in Berlin…

WHY: It’s the best way to start fresh. Nobody knows you so you can be who you want to be. Partying keeps your mind busy and take away the loneliness.  


Party after a break upSource: Jens Johnson


5. Start a road trip with the people you just met

If you’re a geek or if you’re a bit shy, there are some Facebook groups to look for travel buddies.

WHY: even if it’s good to travel solo after a breakup, it may also be nice to travel with some people. What I feel it’s the most sad thing after a breakup is not being able to share what you’re living with a person, but being surrounded by people who are the same eager to explore the world than you do will kick off your energy.


Start a road trip with the people you just metSource: Anja P.


6. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself with things you’ve always wanted to do

How about paragliding or bungee jumping? On the other hand, many artists say it, it’s when your soul is a bit depressed that you’re the most creative…

WHY: it’s the best moment to try to do something different and getting out of your comfort zone will make you feel more alive than ever.


paragliding after a break upSource: Vincentiu Solomon 

7. Get enrolled in a project and support a cause you care about with all your heart

WHY: beside your close relatives and friends, there is a brand new place in your heart that you can dedicate to something you care about. It can be anything: animal welfare, helping children

things to do after a breakup volunteering

8. Forgive, forget and move on with your life or take a gap year project

WHY: this breakup actually allowed you to live all the things mentioned on this list so it’s really time to move on and be grateful that you had the chance to do that. Besides, it’s also better for your health not to be resentful.

Life is short! Enjoyed it fully and truly 😉

Fuente de la foto: Noah Silliman.


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