L’H20tus Project: Providing Access to Drinking Water in Cambodia

L’H20tus Project: Providing Access to Drinking Water in Cambodia
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We’re very happy and proud to announce the very first big humanitarian project supported by U2GUIDE!Its name is “the L’H20tus project” (in reference to the Lotus flower), it’s conducted by AMICA, a French non-profit that supports Cambodian communities to have a brighter future, especially the farmers in the rural areas. AMICA’s goal is to achieve an comprehensive development in each village, that is 100% aligned with people’s real needs.


More specifically, L’H20tus is about providing access to drinking water for 3,000 Cambodian villagers – in the Trien, Penh and Kriel communities-, and access to free education thanks to the financial and technical autonomy of the project, which is financed at 90%, mainly thanks to the Rhine Meuse Water Agency and the Ile de France Regional Council.



Paul Ziadé, cofounder of U2GUIDE and social activist, affirms:

“We’ve chosen to support this project because it was conducted in Cambodia, where U2GUIDE was born, but above all, because we have seen the highly qualitative work that AMICA conducts in Cambodia. Their approach is very sustainable. AMICA always includes locals in the decision process and involves them througout the project cycle management. The project is well designed, creates local jobs and provides both drinking water and the necessary support to the local school to run sustainbly”.

We have given 48 man-days to this project for coordination, volunteering, coaching and administration. This is 2 months of a full-time U2GUIDE collaboration given to this project that will have lasted over 2 years when it’s finished. 

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During all this process that started back in 2016, the actors involved in the project have received micro-credits to support projects of local entrepreneurs, farmers and artisans. The people of the communities are the main beneficiaries of all the actions carried under the wings of the L’H20tus project.




The project has different objectives, these are the main ones : 

1. Sanitary objective: to eradicate any kind if disease related to drinking unsafe water. Hygienic showers, latrines and dry toilets will also help improve the sanitary situation in these communities.

2. Social objectives: to grant access to safe water to the most vulnerable ones, elderly and disabled. By now, 100 students have access to basic literacy classes thanks to the profit made by the project. More to come!


3. Economic objectives: L’H20tus project aims to generate jobs, finance socio-cultural activities and other ones related to the usage of water itself like vegetables and fruit gardens or pig rearing.

4. Environmental objectives: to limit the risk of groundwater pollution; CO2 emissions will be reduced and solar energy will be implemented in the three villages as a way of having a source of viable energy for water supply.

5. Political objectives: with L’H20tus project, it will be possible to show the positive consequences of achieving such a development in these rural areas (referring mainly to integrating a water supply and purification system for 3,000 people) while sensitizing Cambodian authorities on water supplying issues.


You can read more about this wonderful project on AMICA’s website. (French only, sorry!).

For those of you who’d want to support the project you can:

Make a donation through this link:

Reach out to AMICA to apply as a long term volunteer.

Book this unique and immersive experience on U2GUIDE! You’ll discover the village, meet the villagers and 100% of your booking will go to the village 🙂

To get the full picture of the L’H20tus project, check out this inspiring video:



We hope you’ll visit AMICA’s website and follow up on the project’s development! It’s a thrill for us at U2GUIDE to be able to support such an amazing project. We thank all the partners, international and local ones, that have been supporting L’H20tus from the very beginning. When it’s completely achieved, it will have been a sucess for everyone, but most importantly for locals, whose work and dedication are making of these lovely villages a nicer and healthier place to live in.


(All pictures are from AMICA’s Facebook).


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