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How to travel with your soulmate: 9 tips to make it or break it

How to travel with your soulmate: 9 tips to make it or break it
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How to travel with your soulmate
As a young lady in my mid twenties, traveling with my boyfriend is one of the things I enjoy the most.

But it’s true that spending that much time together like moth and flame, doing (almost) everything side by side can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. That’s why I want to give you my personal advice on traveling as a couple, so you get to know the rules on how to travel with your soulmate without ending up fed up of each other.

1. Agree on an schedule

Especially if just one of you have arranged all the trip, it’s very likely for the other person to encounter some surprises. So if you already know what plans you will be doing (at least kind of), try to agree on certain things like what hour you will get up, what villages it would be great to visit, what local experiences you want to try… This way, arguments on the go can be easily avoided.



2. Be flexible

We all are different humans and have different tastes when it come to traveling, even if your couple is totally in sync with you. So if you want to relax in the white sand for a few hours, but he/she wants to attend a local cooking class, know you both have to give in. In the end, you will have time for everything; try to squeeze every second.



3. Spend some time on your own

The fact that you’re traveling together doesn’t mean that you have to do absolutely everything as one. Spend one afternoon just reading in a park or chatting with local people at the tiniest market… and agree to meet at a certain spot and I promise you, not only will this make you know more about yourself, but it will make you miss your mate, which is certainly a good thing!

spend time on your own when traveling with your soulmateDanka & Peter



4. Don’t expect to have picture perfect moments 24/7

When you travel, a whole bunch of unexpected situations can happen: your flight is delayed, you don’t understand the local language, your credit cards are declined… So of course you will have moments you will remember forever, but you will also find yourselves in more difficult situations, which will get you closer without a doubt.

5. Avoid complaining

A big germen nowadays. We love to complain, even if you’re spending the most incredible time with your soulmate. Well, since you’ll be really close for quite some days, try to always look at the bright side and add your positive energies into the trip. You can get lost or miss a plane, but a smile is way more helpful. In the end, you know everything will be sorted out.

6. Set a budget in advance

Oh, no! Arguing about money can be the worst, especially if you’re traveling for a few days. You want to splurge on something the other person thinks is irrelevant and the other way around. It’s a classic actually, but if you pre-make a budget, taking into account those extra expenses, and commit to not exceed them, there will be no problem.

7. Pay attention to small details

Passionate romance doesn’t have to be present all the time in your journey. When you travel as a couple, smaller special moments like having breakfast in the bed or taking a nap under a tree’s shadow can be as meaningful to you two as an afternoon filled with kisses and hugs. Try to pay “extra” attention to how you build up these intimate memories.

pay attention to small detalis when traveling as a coupleToa Heftiva

8. Share the music

Listening to music is one of the most pleasant things in life, and if you do it with the love of your life by your side, sharing a soundtrack that will remind you forever of that trip, even better. Yes, I know, a bit cheesy, but I can assure you it’s a great way to relax and connect with each other after a long day walking around the streets. As I said before, small moments are everything.

9. Play games

Road games, especially. If you’re up for a long trip, maybe several months in a van across Europe, not getting bored during the route is crucial. So you can make your own inventions like guessing world capitals while driving, bring a deck of playing cards or even a chess, trivia and play with other travelers in hostels or airports. Just give it a try!

I guess we could all name differents ways of making the most out of our time with our loved ones when traveling, since it’s the moment when you both totally unplug from your daily routines and get to know the world hand by hand (even if you go away for two days). Enjoy it and be prepared for all the ups and the downs of flying free like two little birds around the globe.


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