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How to plan a trip for girls: 9 stress-free steps

How to plan a trip for girls: 9 stress-free steps
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It might sound like a cliche, but as women, we do worry. Maybe you are the exception, but for the most part, we like to have EVERYTHING under control, especially when going on a trip.

Everything has to be picture perfect. And what about when traveling with our girlfriends? Even more! So… If you’re planning one of these fun getaways, do not panic, just read my advice on how to plan a trip only for girls and get an A+!

Step 1: Save One Afternoon to Gather With Your Girls

This is really key. I mean, sure it will take maybe a few days to organise everything, but if you do not start with the basics together, you won’t ever reach an agreement about dates, expenses, possible destinations… You don’t realise how many things you have to prepare until you start writing everything down, so the sooner you start (all of you), the more stress-free your trip will be.

Step 2: Be Understanding

Try to leave an open mind regarding the other’s schedules and commitments. You may not agree on the first suggestions of places to head, dates, etc., but it’s always possible to come to a common point where everyone’s happy if we are flexible enough and understand each other. Especially if you’re traveling for quite some days, you’ll want all of you to be comfortable with the decisions taken.

Step 3: Set the Date & Destination

These two things should be set in stone. If you don’t decide them for the very beginning, everything else will be up in the air. Knowing when and where to go will allow you to plan accordingly: looking for flights (or any other greener option, transportation-wise), accommodation, activities to do… This way, you will narrow down your possible options and the booking and planning process will be smoother.



Step 4: Agree on a Common Budget

Take into account how much time you have left until the departure (you may want to do some saving beforehand), how many days you’re staying and the kind of trip you’re planning. Will you go camping, hiking, wandering a big city or staying in a lost Thai village? Agree on a set common budget that everyone can afford and do stick to that budget when planning. You don’t want surprises when the trip ends!


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Step 5: Speak Up Your Expectations

Meaning that you all are different people and possibly will expect different things from the trip. Some of you might want to party all day and night, others might aspire to get in touch in nature in Latin America (peacefully!) and others might decide to lay in the beach for hours and hours, who knows? If you agree on what you’ll be doing, there will be no upset faced during the girl’s adventure!

Step 6: Share Tasks

We all have busy lives and schedules, so if you divide what you have to do among all of you, you will save time and energy. This can be the last thing to decide while being all together. From this point of the planning process you can fly like free birds and accomplish your assigned task. You can start an email chain to check with the girls the important decisions, trying to be decisive and not go around the same subject for days. Believe me, it happens

Step 7: Play Games That Honor Your Friendship Traditions

This step is so important! You and your gals are almost sisters, so you definitely have to have some traditions or things you always do when hanging out. For those moments in the road or the sleepless nights when you just to enjoy the togetherness, have fun with creative games that remind you of all the years you’ve been together. Sounds great, right?

Step 8: Plan Your Moments Alone

As I said, you are different in a lot of ways, so you’ll enjoy some time on your own for relaxing, getting to know the place or just writing how everything’s going. Take this (important) part of your day into account when planning other commitments like dinners, excursions or other group activities. You will get back to the group with renewed energy and feeling blessed for having your loyal friends with you.


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Step 9: Go for the Local & Sustainable Activities

It’s pretty impossible to plan every single second of the trip. Locals know best, so once you’re in your destination, go ask them whether you have markets to visit, hidden spots nobody else knows or where you can find the best typical food; sustainable tourism is always the key! You’ll be surprised by how much useful info they will give you, especially if you are the kind of travelers that care about supporting smaller economies and not hitting only the touristy spots.



Here my best tips on how to perfectly plan a trip with your besties. Not an easy task, I know, but so worth it in the end. Be organised with your planning but once there, try to flow and leave some space for spontaneity. This kind of plan will turn off your mind, just do not think about your daily routine and enjoy. Leave your suggestions down below if you think we need to know more useful tips and, of course, have the best (sustainable) trip ever!!


Main photo by Hưng Nguyễn.


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