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How to plan a trip around Australia? 5 useful tips to start off

How to plan a trip around Australia? 5 useful tips to start off
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If you want to know how to plan a trip around Australia through these useful tips you should really consider before traveling there, keep reading!

How much do you want to spend?

This is actually something you must plan for every trip, but Australia concretely, since it’s a pretty expensive country. The meals, the stayings and the long distances you’ll have to cover between any points, are going to be bigger than you expect. So set yourself a limit and plan accordingly. Australia is really expensive, so also think of saving some extra money for unexpected expenses, which usually come along in any trip.

Book your flight as soon as you can. For being able to find the cheapest flights, do not wait until the last day. It must seem so obvious, but, especially if you’re coming from the Antipodes, or even Europe, the flight is going to be the most expensive thing out of everything you’ll have to pay for. Consider traveling during between October and April for lower prices.


Have a focus

Australia is BIG, VERY BIG. Just so you have an idea, it’s almost the size of the US, which is unmanageable to visit if you’re only staying for a few weeks. You don’t realise that until you get there, take a map and spend hours and hours driving until you get to your different destinations inside the country. That’s why focusing in one area could be the best idea to not stress out and really enjoy your trip. For instance, a roadtrip dedicated to catching some great waves is going to be a sucessful idea in Australia.

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For instance, visiting Australia’s Top End during winter could be something very wise to do, since humidity and temperatures are at the lowest levels and would make your trip much more comfortable. Traveling in very hot and humid weathers is the last thing you want to do, unless you really like it this way. Better go for drier seaons.


Options to visit

After setting a focus to your trip, here you have some destinations that are worth a visit whether you want nature, wildlife, city life or even culinary experiences!



Australia is an awesome destination not only because of its adventorous landscapes and destinations, but for the impressive flora and fauna that fill these lands. There are some great options- that don’t hurt the environment or animals involved-, such as the Murramarang National Park to spot kangaroos wandering freely on the beach, or the Otway Lighthouse Road, a spot you can do during the Great Ocean Road to see wild koalas. Fraser Island is also the perfect wildlife visit you can do to have forest, magic beaches and sandy cliffs that look unreal.  


Of course, Australian beaches have to be in your list. They are some of the best in the world and examples like Twelve Apostles beach and Eastern View Beach in Victoria, Dolphin Bay in South Australia and Bronte Beach in Sydney are a great pick. If nature is right up your alley, you may want to consider slow traveling for some time, so you can appreciate all the beautiful nuances this land offers.

Kakadu national park, Ningaloo Reef and the Urulu are also some unavoidable destinations.


For some city action, the ones that are going to offer you the widest offers are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart. If you’re really a city bird, plan on spending several days in any of these big cities to make the most out of them and really enjoy the local culture and life. They are totally different from each other, but in general, this country offers a very varied scene of music and sports options, cafes and cultural sites, along with a laid-back feeling that you will love.

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Culinary experience

One of its most famous wine regions, Yarra Valley, in South Australia, is not very far away from Melbourne and it is definitely something that’s going to astonish you. The landscapes are absolutely breathtaking, the sunsets and wineries create the warmest environment to relax and have a trip really connected to nature and to yourself. 


Transportation between stops

Car rental

It’is not that expensive in Australia taking into account how useful it is if you’re traveling long distances. The best option is always to share it. Try to find some road buddies, so the impact on the environment is not that hard and you’ll get to pay less, so it’s a win-win. Vans are great for way of traveling Australia as well. Just remember that Australians drive on the right, so it takes a bit of time to get used to it!

Public transport

Another option for moving around is public transport. It is very well connected in bigger cities; networks are very extensive and it’s possible to get cheaper “all day passes” in places like Sydney. For instance, in Melbourne, the city loop tram is a great way to get to know the city with almost no cost.


Train is also an option to go from one city to another and if you think about it, an excellent way of observing how people act, talk and behave. I don’t about you, but it’s always so interesting to learn about any country traveling with other local passengers. Connections are pretty easy to take, and the price is reasonable.

My last two advices for you are to just take your time when wandering such amazing lands as Australia, it’s really a once-in-a-lifetime trip, so do not stress out and enjoy the journey. Better see fewer things in more times than the other way around. And  the second one is to be respectful with the natural environment, trying to take as many green options as you can. Australia is an incredibly vast natural landscape that should be preserved as such. Do not hurt it and go local as much as possible! It’ll give the chance to get to know how people really live there and what are their principles to have conserved the country that pure! You will love it!


So here you have plenty of stuff to take into account when planning your trip to beautiful Australia. I hope it helped and I will for sure be doing more articles regarding this subject. Do not hesitate to leave here your recommendations for further posts! See you soon travelers!

Main picture by Iván Lojko.


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