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How to Enjoy Madrid Like a Local: 7 Places to Visit

How to Enjoy Madrid Like a Local: 7 Places to Visit
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At U2GUIDE we’re all about traveling locally, getting to know the actual culture of our destination and immersing ourselves into the everyday life as much as we can! Hence this guide to experience Madrid like a local, our beloved Spanish capital, which offers so many opportunities, especially if you join some “madrileños”, who are so fun to discover the city with!

1. Have a Spanish Breakfast in an Old-School Cafeteria

I’m going to give you two options, for all tastes: one infamous place you can head to (especially during winter) is Chocolateria San Gines, the most typical place to have some warm chocolate with oily churros (in the most delicious way!). The other option is to have some cafe con leche and a couple of toasts with smashed tomato and olive oil. Really tasty and pretty healthy! I’d recommend a place like HanSo cafe in Malasaña (avoid overly crowded places like Gran Vía or La Plaza Mayor, you’ll be calmer!).

Madrid like a localMis thermorecetas

2. Visit the coolest exhibitions at “El Matadero”

El Museo del Prado or  Museo Reina Sofia are not the only cultural places you can visit in Madrid. “Matadero” literally means “slaughterhouse”. Nowadays, this is one of the most entertaining art plans you can in the capital, since they always have such nice exhibitions in Matadero: decor, music, photography, abstract and modern art… You can really find anything you want and it’s actually a place that locals visit a lot. At least to me, that does mean something!

travel Madrid like a localNebrija

3. Surround Yourself With Nature in El Parque Del Capricho

Who doesn’t want a good dose of colourful flowers, plants and trees even during the coldest months? You can take a beautiful walk around el Parque del Capricho, a lovely green place that’s not as crowded as other ones like El Retiro and will delight you with a fresh lake and friendly swans and ducks swimming around. I know, adorable! You also have big bushed and (kind of) labyrinths where you can run or quietly walk.

experience Madrid like a localMi Nube

4. Have Your Coffee at Cafe Del Jardin

This is not a garden itself, it’s the cafeteria of “El Museo del Romanticismo”, which is a lovely place to have your coffee at, brunch, lunch or just to read for a while. (Yes, I truly believe in taking your time when traveling!) A nice small fountain will be your background and you’ll be surrounded by plants of all kinds in this perfect environment. One of the best things is that menus are pretty affordable here and their homemade pastries and cakes are delicious!

enjoy Madrid like a localColor Sandía

5. Dance Your Heart Out at Joy Eslava and Mondo

These two are maybe the best-known and visited discos in the city. Mostly young madrileños come here on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights to end the party when the sun is rising along with live music. Yes, Spanish people  in general, no matter where they come from, are party animals, you’ll love that about them! You can get to see many performances on weekends and infamous DJs come here to make the most out of your nights.

visit Madrid like a local

Trip Advisor

6. Make Manzanares River Your Running Track

For practising some sport and feeling like an authentic local, you have to visit Manzanares River. You’ll have for yourself a good 10K miles of greenery and even some enormous fountains spilling water everywhere! It’s allowed to get in during the summer, although you could freeze in winter, so be careful! This place doesn’t usually make it into the Spanish spots that are out of the beaten path, but I can tell you that it’s a pretty important part of the city as well!

get to know Madrid like a localCarlos Viñas Valle

7. Enjoy Nature in the Core of Madrid in the Botanical Garden

This one of the places I’ve enjoyed the most in Madrid. It’s located five minutes away from Retiro Park, but it’s not as visited. You can get to see here so many different plants, trees, colourful flowers… Each one with its own description and explanation. You’ll enjoy it even if you’re not a nature expert. And one of the coolest things is that you can get in its greenhouse, which is pretty amazing. It’s like entering a parallel bubble!

discover Madrid like a localEl blog de la tabla

So this is it for the places to enjoy Madrid like a local! I hope you’ve liked them and visit them in the future! Always do it with respect for the environment and the people who are welcoming you, just as you’d like others to treat your city. I can’t stress that enough, no matter where you travel, we can become local anywhere! Try to pick the most sustainable options, whether it being transportation, food or accommodation! It’s up to you!



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