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How to Enjoy a Local Culinary Experience in Spain

How to Enjoy a Local Culinary Experience in Spain
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Visiting Spain does not only allow you to enjoy the most amazing beaches, weather and people in the Mediterranean Coast, but will also delight you with the most delicious food. If you want to live a local culinary experience in Spain, let me inspire you with some of the best options in different regions:

Eating Tortilla de Patatas in Pretty Much Everywhere

One of the most delicious ways of eating a tortilla de patatas is at a local’s places, where the home-made taste is comparable to nothing. The tortilla is a typical dish that you can find literally everywhere in the country, but you have to know that there is kind of a serious discussion about one issue regarding eating tortilla: is it better with or without onion? It’s one of those dishes that you actually have to be a local to know how to cook, it’s not easy at all. But in family, everything tastes better.

tortilla-patatas-2-min.jpgABC de Sevilla


Escanciar Sidra (Pouring Cider) in Asturias

Serving apple cider in Asturias (Northern Spain) is really an art and it’s very fun watching as well. The process consists of a “escanciador” pouring the cider with a hefty distance between the bottle and the glass without spilling a drop. In most typical bars, especially in Gijón, you can spot professional people doing this and the best part is that every glass of cider you take, comes with a (considerably sized) dish of Asturian food that’ll delight your senses. One of the best ones? Cachopo– two beef fillets with ham and cheese in the inside covered with panko and finally fried together. I know it sounds very tasty!

maxresdefault (2)-min.jpgYouTube



Finding the best paella in the smallest arrocería in Valencia (and surroundings)

This is a classic in the Spanish culture. You definitely have to order a paella if you visit Valencia. And the smallest and more local the arrocería (specific places that pretty much only cook rice) is, the better. Of course, you will find it in every menu all around the country, but Valencia is the original place to try it. And don’t be fooled, it doesn’t have green peas! (This is also a national culinary struggle!) You can choose to eat seafood or meat paella. Or you can mix both types. It’s really up to you. You can even get it vegetarian, with no meat at all, which is really good as well. 

maxresdefault (3)-min.jpgYouTube


Taking a Wine Experience in La Rioja

If you’re into any kind of wine, La Rioja is going to make you fall in love. Kilometres and kilometres full of grapes plantations slowly growing under the warm sun are an unforgettable experience you’ll love doing. The Spanish wine (especially the one that comes from this specific region) is one of the best in the world, with more than 70 denominaciones de origen (D.O: the system they use to classify the quality of their typical products). The routes that are offered are usually created by wine associations or locals who have their own family-run wineries. I recommend you to take one of these last ones. Supporting smaller economies is always the way to go when traveling.



Trying Octopus With Boiled Potatoes and Paprika in Galicia

Definitely, one of my very favourite dishes of life. Galicia has so much typical delicious food that you’ll end up full to the tops every time you go out to have lunch or dinner. I know what I’m talking about. That’s why I chose the octopus dish among all the others, because it’s not as heavy and it’s usually served very fresh in most places. Fish and seafood in all Northern Spain are really a thing, so they tend to fish the same day they serve the animals in your plate. The octopus consistency is actually pretty special, between gummy and spicy in most cases, in the best way possible. You won’t be disappointed!



Tasting “Pescaíto Frito” (Little Fried Fish) in Andalusia

You can find this dish in provinces like Granada, Almeria, Cadiz, Malaga… Basically, the ones that are coastal and offer long beaches sceneries for those of you who never give up the sun and the ocean, even if it’s winter. The pescaíto frito is eaten mainly around the chiringuitos (small beachy bars located in the seafront) and consists of small fishes that are heavily fried and seasoned with lemon juice right in the table, before eating it. The usual fishes you’ll eat are squids, anchovies, cuttlefish and dogfish. The nice thing about it is that it’s a dish to share, so you order it before the main plates and everyone can get a taste of this delight.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 12.11.33.pngJulia y sus recetas


This is it for now travelers! I hope these places and dishes inspired you to travel through one of the kindest and most beautiful countries in Europe, at least in my opinion. It’s true that any food experience in Spain is going to be great. My last advice is to try to share it with local fellows as much as you can, this always enriches your trip at a level you don’t know until you try it. Tell us how it goes, we always listen to you! And remember: travel sustainably and respect the beautiful environment anywhere you go, locals will thank you and your experience will feel much more real.



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