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How to do an around the world: best tips from travelers’ experiences

How to do an around the world: best tips from travelers’ experiences
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how to do an around the world
I’m pretty sure almost all of you have dreamt about doing an around the world at some point.
No matter at what point of your life you are, this kind of trip is always an opportunity to expand your horizons and let yourself go for a couple of months. The way you do it? Totally up to you…
The possibilities are truly infinite, so with no more delay, if you want to know how to do an around the world based on other travelers experiences, these ultimate tips are going to be the perfect base for this kind of a lifetime plan.


Choosing itinerary

how to do an around the world destinationsSource: Delfi de la Rua

Maybe the “hardest” part of all. So many countries. So many possible choices. What destinations should you pick? If you can not decide between hot or cold weather, beaches, cities, nature or civilization… Here you have some articles that are going to help you:

Seek for advice to decide on your next destination: World of Wanderlust” has some great tips on it, telling you how she finds inspiration before traveling.

A list of places that are great to start:  “Boots N All” has made the perfect one for when doing an around the world, gathering all types of destinations.

If you want to narrow down the list of places you’re visiting:Traveling 9 to 5” explains the steps you should take, especially if you’re doing the trip with someone else.

Creating a budget

how to do an around the world budgetSource: llht

Maybe one of the aspects that will definitely define your trip. The budget is what you should always keep in mind when planning any kind of trip, no matter the destination. Depending on what you want to spend per day, you’ll have to readjust some plans or the places to sleep and eat. Here you have some info about how to do it before and during the trip.

If you want to know how to save for the trip, “A little drift”  has some interesting advices on how to organise your expenses.

To know how much money you’ll need: “Tim Leffel’s blog” presents us some smart questions to ask yourself before starting budgeting.

If you want to organise and analyse all your trip expenses, “La ruta del mate” tells you how to keep track of the (sometimes overwhelming) information- article in Spanish.

Wisely packing

how to do an around the world packingSource: Pinterest

Always a struggle. What should you pack? What should you leave behind? Packing sustainably? So many questions, I know. But these experienced travelers can give you some helpful tips:

For knowing how not to overpack: “Half the clothes” has the key of the question.

If you want to know what exact items you must pack: “TCS World Travel” shows you with pictures the amount of luggage you need.

For some green packing tips: “The Wayward post” knows how to introduce the word “sustainable” in your backpack.

Picking accomodation

how to do an around the world tipsSource: Maeghan Smulders

Where should you spend the nights? Experienced travelers can assure you that you take into consideration plenty of options. Amongst all recommendations, these are ones of the most useful:

If you want to pick the right accommodation for you specific kind of trip, “Globo Treks” has a list of all types possible.

For finding the cheapest places to sleep: “Nomadic Matt” has some really helpful tips.

For getting free accommodation during your trip: “The Professional Hobo” explain how to wisely do it.

Keeping the attitude in the journey

how to do an around the world on your ownSource: Brooke Cagle

Doing an around the world will not be easy sometimes, but keeping certain tips in mind to make the most out of your journey will be essential.

If you’re looking for emotional tips when traveling the world, “The expert vagabond” shares his best travel advices from personal experience.

For wise tips on coping with unexpected situations: “Drifter Collective” has the right answers.

For enjoying your solo travel trip: “Heels first travel” advices you on how not to worry if you’re on your own.

As you may guess, there are hundreds of tips you could get from people who did an around the world. Personally, I’d suggest you just to take the first step and ALWAYS have an open mind. A smile can get you through any situation.
At the end, this is going to be the lifetime story you’re going to tell your grandchildren, so enjoy the wonders of this beautiful world no matter what.

Source of the main picture: Austin Ban.


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