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How to be a sustainable tourist in Paris?

How to be a sustainable tourist in Paris?
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How to be a sustainable tourist in Paris?

It is 100% possible to travel, no matter where you’re going, in a careful way. All you have to do is take the time to research and find out the best options for every sustainable trip you make. Information is never useless! So let’s give some answers to the question how to be a sustainable tourist in Paris?


Ecolabel hotels

These are hotels that have signed the PCVB’s Charter for Sustainable Accommodation in Paris or the ones that meet the sustainability criteria of the Green Key Ecolabel. Both programmes are meant for making hotels develop green initiatives and raise awareness around the environmental issue, taking into account how much pollution they can cause.

Best options: Mercure Paris BoulogneHilton Paris La DéfenseIbis Styles Paris Roissy CDG, among many others.


I’ll never get tired of telling you how awesome hostels are; much more competitive in price and the place to make loads of friends if you’re traveling solo. The atmosphere is really friendly, and they also stick to green initiatives.

Best options: Adagio AparthotelEthic Ethapes or The Auberge de jeunesse Hi Paris Yves-Robert.

Moving around

Take the train

This is the perfect transportation, especially if you’re aiming to be a green traveler in the capital of France, not just because it’s one of the cleanest, but because it’s safe, fast and it connects the capital with other main cities like Brussels, London, Amsterdam or Barcelona in the blink of an eye.

Best option: The most common ones are the TGV and the Eurostar.

Share your car

If the kind of trip you have in mind can’t avoid getting in your car, you might want to divide your expenses (and not pollute that much) by sharing the ride. Who knows who you’re going to meet? Maybe you make friends with a nice local that can show you around some secret spots!

Best options: Blablacar. It’s actually a French company and it WORKS! 

Rent a bike

What better way to do some sport and get to know this beautiful country than doing it riding a bike? This option is becoming more and more popular, but we need more awareness among travelers to start considering this kind of means of transport the most suitable for almost every trip.

Best option: Freewheeling France, that allows you to hire a bike all across the country. Velib’ Métropole is a self service bike rental.



Go for local production

This basically means not to go for the poor quality food you are served in big chain restaurants, which is usually way more polluting in their processes than the one you get in local and independent stores. This way, you’re also feeding your body with more natural and healthy ingredients. Best options: Brands like Naturalia , La Vie Claire or Biocoop are great options to get your delicious sustainable food.

Eco-friendly restaurants and food trucks

Going for these two options will allow you to eat seasonal and slow food, or even dishes that come from short supply chains.

Best options: You have plenty of them in a city like Paris, that adapts to every taste and lifestyle. Some of the restaurants are La Table de VertQue Du BonMiroir,  Vert Midi… 


Yes! Such cool places to visit, no matter where you’re heading. I don’t have to mention how great typical Parisian food is! And you’ll also be investing money in local producers and therefore, local economy, which is really awesome. Move around every market you find and delight yourself!

Best options: Marché d’AligreMarché St. Quentin or Marché Raspail (which is totally eco), among many others.


Spending the Day

Canals and waterways

No car, no buses… boats! They are so fun to get to know a city! You can just admire the landscape or have a romantic dinner. Of course you’ll always have the classic Seine River, but there are many other “water-related places” more to see that are very worthy and visiting them does not harm the environment.

Best options: Some of these offbeat tours take place in Canal St. Martin, with a relaxed feeling. The other one is in the Marne River, focused on the Impressionists’ trail.

Visit the some of the 400 green spaces that the city offers

I know, 400 is a lot! But most of them are really worth it, especially after the government has renewed and revitalised a lot of random lands into parks. By doing this, you don’t pollute at all and you stay in contact with nature, even in one of the busiest cities of the world.

Best option: Jardin du Luxembourg. This is really an awesome visit, not only because you’re going to spot many different bright flowers and plants around you, paired with a stunning palace, but because in the south of the park, you’ll find beehives, where hundreds of little bees work every day to produce exquisite honey.

I hope this information was useful if you’re planning to be a green tourist in the French capital, which can be not that hard if you travel well informed. For any other options that don’t appear here, leave them in the comments! Do not hesitate to share any green initiative or activity you know about, whether it’s in Europe or in other parts of the world.



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