How collaborative networks change the system as we know it?

How collaborative networks change the system as we know it?
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collaborative networks

As you can see from the more revolutionary types of businesses that are being developed lately, people are changing the way they consume.

The economic liberalism that has been taking over our world in the last decades is not really human oriented; they don’t fulfill our needs anymore.

Nowadays, we expect to accomplish our goals together, sharing efforts and responsibilities. That’s how humanity should work, either you’re looking for a place to spend the night or facing human disaster.  

We have had enough of individualism and now and as a response, we’re starting to create communities that enhance the good results that collaborative networks have. Just think about actual examples like Airbnb, Blablacar, Couchsurfing and of course, U2GUIDE.

The reason why

Collaborative initiatives among society have only recently started to bloom, and it’s because lately we can’t get all we want from the traditional companies; they are not our main providers anymore, when it comes to look for reliable answers to our problems, whatever they might be, small or big. We’re starting to help each other and cover our needs by coming together because we give way more credit to people, actual people, than to the powerful ones.


collaborative networks reasonsProvidence Doucet


For Instance, whether you’re on the hunt for travel tips or researching information about some specific humanitarian situation, you will for sure turn to Facebook groups or forums in general to ask for advice or opinions to other travelers or people involved with these issues.

This is just an example of how people are going towards the right way to end with the kind of “blind society” we’re (sadly) immersed in.



What can be achieved by sticking as one?

Mainly, awareness. And, of course, realising that together, trusting each other, we’re definitely better and more useful.

If you think about it, these two things that imply “transforming our soul and mind” to place them in a more helpful spot, come when our most basic needs are already covered- a process than can absolutely be fulfilled by the communities we’re creating.


A simple example to explain this: the Maslow Hierarchy of needs.

Here you have five different types of needs to be achieved in life: physiological needs, safety, love & belonging, esteem and self-actualization. If all these are “completed”, you can live happily with yourself.


collaborative networks exampleStudious Guy


So, when it comes to creating collaborative networks that allow us to help each other, the process is very similar to this hierarchy’s. First, we started coming together to fill our basic need, such as:


Then, to keep up with this trend, other needs more related to get a deeper knowledge of our environment and soul, started to pop up to let us:

  • Improve our language skills (in a totally collaborative way): Ayni.
  • Be able to discover Paris more imaginatively: PariSolidarithé.
  • Get to know the world with local travelers/guides: U2GUIDE.

As you can see, when we’ve got (almost) every aspect of our life covered with a community that can lend us a hand, the impact we can have in making the world a way better place is bigger and bigger.

The proof that together, we can move mountains

When writing this article and thinking about what impressive example I could point out in this regard, basically just one came to my mind, proving that being a community, and especially with the help of social media, is possible to do good: each one of us can do it.

Almost two months ago, a Turkish plane carried 60 tons of food (along with with medical supplies and water) to Somalia, due to the call to action (via Twitter) that social media star Jérôme Jarre, supported by other stars like Ben Stiller.

In the website www.gofundme.com/LoveArmyForSomalia, you can find all the details about the project. Go check it out!

The videos that these stars uploaded to raise awareness on the current famine situation in Somalia had great impact that in just one day, as they reached the 1 million dollars target they had set. After a few hours, the airline tweeted back and offered its help to make this act of kindness possible. Good for them! 





The biggest collaborative network: humanity

Yes, this is the one thing to keep in mind. We belong with each other as helping human beings, so going in this direction is our nature: we’re starting to do a lot of amazing things collaboratively, all together, not just travel related, but in every aspect possible. Being aware of what’s going on around the world is now much easier, especially with social media supporting us.

We have social media as an impressively powerful source of information that can reach anyone at any place at any time, so it’s making all these initiatives evolve to become much wider and open, setting a common goal to everyone involved: spreading as much as we can a sense of belonging among all humans; always remembering that we (humanity) are the biggest collaborative network existing.


It’s already created, so let’s cope with each other to develop more and more this kind of actions to get to the point of leaving behind any individualism and selfishness. I’m sure we can do it!

Source main picture: Tim Marshall 


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