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Find people to travel with: 8 rules to avoid a catastrophe

Find people to travel with: 8 rules to avoid a catastrophe
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find people to travel with

We’ve all been there: you’re about to embark on the trip you’ve been anxiously waiting for without knowing who is going to be your partner in crime yet.

Not an easy decision anyway, because traveling has its great things like partying, knowing new places and people or getting out of your comfort zone for a while… But it also can be tricky sometimes, when you have to choose someone you barely know – or maybe you know them too much, taking into account that you’ll spend all day long with him/her.

How do you think your trip will be if you did it with your sister, brother, co-worker o best friend? Traveling with someone is almost like a marriage: it can end up in renewed vows, extreme intimacy or divorce.

So in order to find people to travel with, what are the rules you should follow?


1. Start by considering what kind of trip you’re planning

It’s not the same traveling for relaxing and being quite, than seeking nature related adventure in a van or to end every weekend at 8 in the morning with one mojito in each hand. The purpose of the trip essencial, my friend.

what kind of trip you’re planningSource: The College View


2. Try to look for a partner who has similar interests as you

If you two are going to make every excursion, activity or visit together, you better agree on what kind of stuff you will do. This way, although if you don’t agree on every step of the trip, at least, you can set a planning that gather mutual interests, creating a fair balance.

traveler partner who has similar interests as youSource: José Duarte


3. Similar budgets

It can always happen that an interesting activity comes up and one of you doesn’t have the money to do it. That’s why it is extremely important for you to agree on the budget you’re going to spend every day, always saving something extra for contingencies.


4. Empathic people

When you travel, especially if you backpack, anything can happen that you haven’t thought about. Maybe you are going to do some hiking to a mountain until you get to the highest top and your partner (or you) suddenly feels dizzy or has a sensation of vertigo. Find someone who will understand this sort of unplanned situation for the best of both of you.


5. Look for a person who is talkative

Imagine traveling for two months with someone that doesn’t like to talk, share his/her feelings or even ask for an address if you get lost. Focus on a profile that will make your journey pleasant and enjoyable. Because some parts of the trip can get quite hard, especially if you’re immersed in a gap year or any project where you have to be always active and looking for answers. 

Travel with a person who is inquisitiveSource: Frank McKenna


6. Independence

You may also want to unplug by yourself from time to time, being alone in a walk or just reading quietly in the beach with nobody else around you. Make sure you find a partner that will leave you space when needed, no angers attached.

7. Travel with a buddy that has your same schedule

If you usually get up before the sun rises and he/she sleeps until it’s lunch time, it will be hard for you to agree on half the itinerary. Make sure you’ll agree on what time the alarm should be set up, as well as other relevant timings like dinner and another daily appointments.


8. Look for someone who is willing to experiment…

… and live new things. You don’t have to climb the Himalaya all by yourselves, but you do have to keep in mind that traveling is about sharing adventures you haven’t tried before, learning from mistakes and being open for whatever comes with a smile always on, no matter whether you’re slow traveling or switching from one beach party to another to heal broken hearts

You may think of some more conditions when it comes to finding people to travel with: it all depends on you character and how you expect the trip is going to be. And if you asked me about this matter, I’d answer this: let your heart pick the right partner. When he/she arrives, you will know. A hunch is always the best way to do things!  


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