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Famous places around the world to live the surfer lifestyle

Famous places around the world to live the surfer lifestyle
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Spring has already arrived, so it’s the perfect time to soak up our bodies in the sands of coastal towns where you’ll be able to live a perfect surfing experience.

If you can’t head to these places right now, maybe they are a great option for starting to plan your next trip. I bet there’s nothing better than imagining yourself laying in a white beach, getting ready to ride some amazing waves to kick off this new season.
If you’re a passionate surfer and you love all the great vibes that this kind of life spreads, let’s talk about the most famous places around the world to live the surfer lifestyle. 


Encinitas (California), USA

famous places around the world to surf californiaSource: Gidget by the sea

Of course, we have to start with California, the ultimate paradise for sea and adventure addicts. You can visit the infamous Swami’s beach, where besides finding great breakpoint waves, you also have retreats, gardens and the family-run Hansen’s Surf Shop, a place where more than 700 hundred boards are waiting for you. If you head to the downtown, plenty of mexican restaurants will please you with the best tacos!


Auckland, New Zealand

famous places aroud the world to suf new zealandSource: Blog Europa Car

The perfect spot for nature lovers. This place offers you the chance to choose from its two coasts to surf on. In the west one, big and powerful waves will be your delight. Beaches with black sand like Piha are the destination to visit for surf experience. In the other hand, the east coast is really good for beginners. You can drive from central Auckland to these beaches in less than 30 minutes. Plus, outside the actual city, subtropical rainforests and incredible waterfalls can provide you the best nature related activities to enjoy.


Hanalei Town, Hawaii

famous places around the world to surf hawaiiSource: The Richest

The wild beauty of this town located in the North Shore of Kauai is going to make you fall in love right away. One of the best thing you can find here is the strong cultural identity that locals have with their Polynesian ancestors. Professional or amateur surfers can head to Hanalei Town, due to its diversity of wave-riding spots. Several world-class surfers come from this island, such as Evan Valiere or Andy Irons. Napali Coast State Park is an awesome place for hiking lovers.


Taghazout, Morocco

famous places around the world to surf moroccoSource: Taghazout Surf Morocco

Yes, Africa! Here you can find mostly French and Spanish surfers giving some love to the sea in the edge of a desert. The waves are very powerful and have the perfect shape for practising professional surfing. The wind also usually accompanies the surfer favourably here. Break point beaches like Crocodiles have exceptional reputation for new surfers. For some local experience, you can’t miss the markets, in concrete Agadir central market, Souk El Had, where the best argan oil or panacea can be spotted -if you are looking out for a treat.


Bundoran, Ireland

fanous places around the world to surf irelandSource: Keyword Suggestions

This one goes out to my brave fellows out there that don’t mind to take a dip in cold waters. It is located in the fishing-village Emerald Isle, where different levels of surfers can ride waves that come directly from the North Atlantic. The nightlife is quite buoyant as well, spreading an old school surf culture that welcomes you with some of the best beer in the world. Besides, as you might guess, wild nature can be seen almost everywhere in Ireland, so places like Slieve League will leave speechless, as they present some of the most amazing cliffs on Earth. Really worth a visit.


Shonan, Japan

famous places around the world to surf japanSource: Jpn Info

Not the usual destination to mention when it comes to surfing, but the west coast of this magical country has plenty of dark sand beaches, reefs and river mouths for all kind of surfers. The waves are not the wildest, but it´s the meeting point for surfers from all over Japan and it´s only one hour away from Tokyo. If you head to Shonan in April, you’ll be able to see Kamakura festival, full  of traditional dances and showcases of samurai skills, as well as the cherry trees’ blossoming -a typical must-see in Japan.


Whether you’re a professional of this sport or you’re just starting to discover the wonders of surfing, riding some waves is always an unforgettable experience, especially if you live it in these cities that hold an extraordinary surfing past, full of love to the nature that surrounds you and our dearest friend, the ocean.


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