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Europe on a budget: 8 most picturesque spots

Europe on a budget: 8 most picturesque spots
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Since spring is already here and we all want some sort of break from our daily routines, what better way to do it that wandering through the Old Continent?
For the sake of inspiring you with beautiful landscapes, here you have a compilation of the best picturesque places to travel Europe on a budget.

Sierras de Cazorla, segura y las Villas Natural Park, Spain

Not a really well known spot, but this park, located in Andalusia, is one of the most protected in Europe. It is the biggest in Spain and it has an astonishing natural landscape covered with blue streams, crystal waterfalls and a lot of green everywhere for those of you who want to enjoy some days of trekking and hiking, dips in the water and visiting nearby villages like Cazorla or Hornos del Segura. Spanish typical food won’t disappoint you either.

Europe on a budget SpainSource: Turispain


Tallinn, Estonia

Perfect for not ruining your budget. This city is really affordable and has a feeling of an early XX century place where you’ll be able to eat deliciously in any bar or restaurant you come across (there are plenty of them in Tallinn). Besides, you can visit the city in two days and if the weather is cooperating, you can swim in Pirita beach, play volleyball near the shore or do whatever aquatic sport you’re feeling like.

europe on a budget EstoniaSource: Hotel Room Search 

Prague, Czech Republic

One of Europe’s most under-appreciated destinations that is going to be up your alley, Praga is way more romantic than many other more unfamous places. You can find here really charming plans like taking a walk in Charles Bridge, that has amazing views, or signing up for a free tour of the city, where you’ll be able to taste some of the most delicious beers in Europe for one euro! Crazy prices and picturesque lovely streets to get lost are going to make Prague your next crush.

europe on a budget czech republicSource: Travel Channel 


Riga, Latvia

Actually, Riga is in the top 10 of most beautiful cities in Europe (at least for me). Its old town is UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to the magical narrow colourful streets you can find here. Blue streetlights, little parks to get some sun in your skin and very affordable bars will be a delight when visiting Riga. You will even be able to hear live music and enjoy the nouveau architecture of its buildings.

europe on a budget latviaSource: Travelsewhere 


Ljubljana, Slovenia

It has kind of a fairy tale feeling to it. Ljubljana is full of little bridges, lovely boats in streams that cross the city and what’s most interesting, a lot of art everywhere: street artists, exhibitions in cafes and galleries can show you how much talent you can find in this place. And in case you want to feel like an actual princess or prince, the Ljubljana Castle is a wonder surrounded by a breathtaking green hill. Really worth checking it out.

europe on a budget sloveniaSource: Porocne-Lokacije


Cardiff, Wales

This is the perfect destination for nature and adventure lovers. If you’re into hiking, visit the All Wales Coast Path, a walking trail that will allow you to get to know the wonderful coast of the city. Plus, you have all kinds of services and cultural activities available, without the stress of big touristy cities. The Cardiff castle is an old Roman fortress surrounded by amazing gardens that are crossed by Taff river. Just be careful with squirrels if you make a picnic there. They will shamelessly steal your food!

europe on a budget walesSource: Places to see in your lifetime

Puglia, Italy

This place has so many great things to name that I could be here writing forever: the Mediterranean climate, the awesome cliffs and turquoise waters, the nice local people and of course, the marvellous cuisine. It’s Italy, c’amon! Puglia is a spot that will invite you to take the trip with calm and relaxation. In Gargano Peninsula you’ll find plenty of forests, fishing villages and even caves to make your days a little more adventurous.

europe on a budget italySource: Charisma Italy 

Dresden, Germany

Dresden has a great combination of classical and avant-garde style.You can enjoy both sides of the coin. In one hand, you will see things like the Frauenkirche church or museums like the German Military History one. And on the other hand, a nap on the shore of the Elbe river can be a nice trip treat, or even a visit to the Saxon Switzerland National Park, where huge rocky canyons can be spotted and are great to hike, bike and climb.

europe on a budget germanySource: National Geographic


Consider Europe as an amazing conjunction of villages and spots that can get pretty affordable, but still offer an enriching mix of nature, quite life and culture; perfect for a relaxing spring trip. The Old Continent is much more than what you see in travel reviews, so I encourage you to start with one of these destinations (or whatever you want to go next) to kick off the warm weather season.


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