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Culinary experience in Australia: 8 places to try local food

Culinary experience in Australia: 8 places to try local food
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A culinary experience in Australia is worth the trip: from outdoor dining experiences to famous wines, Australia is the perfect destination for foodies or even people that like to enjoy a good meal.


Tunarama Festival, Port Lincoln

It first started in 1962 to honour the tuna fishing season and 55 years later, the Tunarama festival is still going strong. Located in Port Lincoln, Australia’s seafood capital, every January visitors from all over the world have the chance to try savory oysters, prawns, tuna and locally produced wine which won’t let you down. You will also be able to enjoy a street procession, a Gala Ball and a beach BBQ party accompanied by fireworks. If this doesn’t sound fun, tell me what does!


Gin and Whiskey Distilleries, Tasmania

Australia is not only well recognised for its wine, but it also is for gin and whiskey elaboration. Many of these crafted spirits are surprisingly produced with indigenous ingredients like pepper berry and bush tomato, that make them have a really different and hand-made taste, that is worth trying. One of the best places to enjoy this kind of authentic culinary experience is in Lark Distillery, whose owner, Bill Lark, was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the World Whiskies Awards this year.   

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An Aussie Barbecue, Pretty much anywhere!

Eating with locals and trying how Australians cook delicious meat in their backyard all at the same time? Well… I’m in! This is the ultimate experience for travelers to taste amazing hamburgers, wine and salads after meeting new local friends in their trips. Don’t be shy, just start talking to some of them when the opportunity comes and get invited to their house for spending a few hours on the weekend. If this is not possible, visit a wood-fired cooking restaurant (there are many of them in Sydney). Really worth it!


Vietnamese Delights, Bankstown

Australia inevitably has the influence of many of Southeast Asia countries, not only culturally and economically, also when talking about their amazing typical food, that is very well prepared in Bankstown, a suburb located 20 km away from Sydney’s downtown, where a bowl of Pho An’s dac biet (a beef noodle soup) is going to give you life. I promise. And the price is also pretty affordable for everyone! Pho can be cooked in different ways with a great variety of meats, just try the one that’s the most appealing to you and be delighted!

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Apollo Bay Seafood Festival, Apollo Bay

Yes people, another festival! As you can tell, seafood is a thing in Australia. I mean, it’s completely surrounded by the sea, it would be such a shame if they didn’t make the most out of it. This one concretely is located in Apollo Bay, home to the only working harbour along the Great Ocean Road and a meeting point for farmers, foreign visitors and students to cook altogether delicious dishes with locally produced ingredients. Live music and cooking demonstrations are also included in the package of the Apollo Bay Seafood Festival.


Laneway Dining, Melbourne

This kind of option is perfect for those travelers who want to enjoy the local experience. There’s no need of heading to fancy places when some narrow Melbourne streets have the best eating offer. Late-night bars, roving eateries, late night bites and in between cafes will surprise you with affordable but very tasty food at any time during the day. How convenient is that? Some great starting points are Bourke Street, Crossley Street, Chinatown’s laneways and Market and Corrs Lanes.

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Family-Owned Wineries, Geelong

Wine tasting activities are a must if you head to almost any spot of Australia. The warm climate and vast lands of this country make it a perfect region for culinary plans like wine tasting, which are generally organised outdoors. Not a bad plan. In many of the wineries, you can either choose the path you want to take, or you can let a local guide accompany you and show you around. Tourism in Australia, no matter the way you pick to explore it, it’s unbelievable!


Sydney Fish Market, Sydney

Delicious coastal prawns, which are smaller and sweeter in Sydney than anywhere else, can be easily found in the Sydney Fish Market, a place of reference when it comes to purchasing the tastiest sea ingredients. The best thing to do is to buy them frozen and raw and cook them crispy and dusted with flour.

Sustainability note: Always make sure to buy the ones that are wild-caught from places like the Spencer Gulf, Queensland or prawns that are Aussie-farmed, which are way more sustainable than the one that come from Asian countries.

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So here you have it! 8 wonderful places to taste a bit of what Australia has to offer. To wrap up this article, just remember how awesome and local experiences are. Meaning that you don’t need to go to the fanciest places in town to enjoy a good meal. What’s important is that you do it sustainably, being a responsible tourist and supporting smaller economies. That is how you’ll get the most authentic trips! See you next time time travelers!  

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