Celebrating Earth Day: 30 pictures of awareness

Celebrating Earth Day: 30 pictures of awareness
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Next Saturday, April 22, we’re celebrating Earth Day in order to remember that our beloved ecosystem is the one that provides us with resources to basically live…

And that we should respect it and use those resources wisely.

Maybe you don’t realise every day at every time, but all the things you do in your daily life are possible thanks to Mother Nature: from breathing to drinking a glass of fresh water, taking a shower or playing hide and seek behind some trees… You name them. And, in my opinion, we don’t appreciate it enough. There’s no doubt we could be way more sustainable, especially when traveling.

That’s why we want to honor Mother Earth by picking 30 pictures, one for each day of the month, focusing especially on water, which covers nothing less than 71% of the Earth’s surface and is extremely important for all forms of life. It is beautiful, crystal clear, energizing and must be treated with awareness; let’s all be well informed and do what’s in our hands not to waste it, so it can last as much as we want.

So, to remind us how many things water allows us to do, here’s a lovely summary for you:


1. Admire the small things in life

celebrating Earth DaySource: Aaron Burden



2. Rest from a hot, hot summer day

celebrating Earth Day with AnimalSource: Austin Neill


3. Take a refeshing dip in the wild ocean

celebrating Earth Day with human divingSource: Ben Thouard



4. Wonder whether you’re spotting a wave or a waterfall

celebrating Earth Day with power of nature and seaSource: Ben Thouard



5. Work, work, work

celebrating Earth Day with workSource: Cristina Gottardi


6. Stay tight with the quad

celebrating Earth Day with fishSource: Elise St. Clair



7. Bring the beach wherever you are

celebrating Earth Day with joySource: Frank Mckenna



8. Share with your sisters

 Celebrating Earth Day with access to drinking waterSource: Edge Rit 



9. Pay attention to (almost invisible) details

celebrating Earth Day with outstanding natural imagesSource: Fotoloco



10. Improve your aquatic skills

celebrating Earth Day with colourful birdsSource: National Geographic Creative



11. Jump into the Jungle’s Book

celebrating Earth Day with waterfalls and funSource: Martin Sattler



12. Enjoy a paradise

celebrating Earth Day with tranquilitySource: Kalen Elmsey



13. Grow up and do things by your own

celebrating Earth Day with babiesSource: Lubomirkin



14. Challenge your limits

celebrating Earth DaySource: Martin Sattler



15. Have fun when nobody’s looking

celebrating Earth Day with dogsSource: Peter Hershey


16. Take a relaxing bath

celebrating Earth Day with coloured frogsSource: Nicholas Reusens


17. Get out of the tub because it’s turned too cold!

celebrating Earth Day with the force of bearsSource: Daniel Dauria



18. Be curious

celebrating Earth Day with a dog faced sealSource: UW Photography



19. Have fun with new friends

celebrating Earth Day with jellyfish and ducksSource: U Funk 



20. Kiss your soulmate

celebrating Earth DaySource: Matt Dogget



21. Just live…

celebrating Earth Day with lifeSource: 500 px



22. Work as a team

celebrating Earth DaySource: Matt Dogget



23. Feed your curiosity towards new visitors

celebrating Earth DaySource: João Paulo Krajewski



24. Go back in time to when you were a kid

celebrating Earth DaySource: Raphael Schaller



25. Make amazing trips with your mates

celebrating Earth DaySource: Ricardo Braham



26. Not to give up on this beautiful world

celebrating Earth DaySource: Ross Hughes



27. Stare at what’s not going that well…

celebrating Earth DaySource: Roxanne Desgagnés



28. Leave your thoughts apart just for 5 minutes

celebrating Earth DaySource: Simson Petrol



29. Think about what we must change in the future

celebrating Earth DaySource: Pinterest



30. Be mad at the rainy unfriendly window

celebrating Earth DaySource: Blog Zapi



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