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Awesome stuff to do in Cuba before it’s too late

Awesome stuff to do in Cuba before it’s too late
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stuff to do in cuba
For an avid traveler there are always some destinations that need to be checked off of his/her bucket list soon.

For sure you have some places you want to head before getting married, having your children, grandchildren or celebrating your golden anniversary… Traveling is something you carry in your soul, not in the age.

So, assuming that visiting magical Cuba is a desire almost everybody has (you just have to see the stunning beaches, happy people and incredible food you can find there!), I’m going to set a turning point here and make you dream for your next trip with the stuff to do in Cuba before it’s too late.


Breath latin rhythms in Matanzas

This is the perfect city to find an environment filled with rumba and danzón (typical Cuban dances), neoclassic buildings and local people that are a proud and poetic representation of the country, far away from the prolific tourism and crowded streets. It is located in the north of the island, and here you can see this kind of performances in la plaza de la Vigía almost every friday.

Cuba-bigstock-HAVANA-JULY-Unidentified-me-35507579-min.jpgSource: Monash University 


Hike in Sierra de Jatibonico

These hills are located in Sancti Spíritus province, in the central part of the island and are composed of some of the least explored lands for you to explore. Some independent travelers often visit this part of the tropical savannah, gifted with a quite biologically diverse green forest and natural reserves managed as farms.



Dance boleros and rumba in La Casa de la Música

This is the most well known club in La Habana to take some drinks, listen to live music and feel the wonderful nightlife that the country can offer you. It’s impossible to talk about Cuba and not mention their latin spirit more than once. Some of the most famous Cuban groups play here in front to hundreds of people.



Take some amazing pictures in Santa María cay

These are two of the most crystal clear water cays in the world. The beaches themselves are not that big, but the sand is very mildly fine and the marine depths are great if you’re a fan of taking shots of everything that comes across you when diving, snorkeling and watching dolphins appear and disappear.

img_55a93013e8ab0-min.jpgSource: Pingui Viajes



Horse riding in Trinidad

The daily life in this city is strongly connected to rural traditions still, since it’s a 100% colonial place. Locals have an “old style” kind of routine, where music, modesty and horses always come together. These kind animals are the main means of transport in the area, so ride one of them through the valley until you get to El Pilón waterfall and take a refreshing dip in its waters.



Dive and explore Gibara beach

This is not just another beach; Gibara is the place where Columbus disembarked when arriving to America. Yes, pretty cool. Of course you will be able to enjoy nature at its highest exponent, but keep in mind that this is kind of wild spot, it’s not the typical touristy crowded place with plenty of rum. But the experience of sunbathings in its soft sand is actually priceless.



Try the tastiest Cuban food in the street

I guess you will agree with me that the most incredible food you’ve ever tried was in street markets, nothing fancy, just local flavours and human touch. Well, this you will be able to do in almost every city of the island. The classics you can’t miss are pork hamburgers, rice with fried banana, fruit milkshakes and coconut pie. Yummy!

cubatourism_8-min.jpgSource: Munchies 



Visit Ernest Hemingway’s house

This is the place to go if you’re also a books lover. His house- from 1939 to 1960- is now a museum and can be easily visited by travelers. An interesting fact? Here is where the author wrote most of the masterpiece For Whom The Bell Tolls.



Taste a locally produced cocoa in El Yunque (Baracoa – Guantanamo)

Not just known because of the prison, in Baracoa you can also find this ingredient, which is very important to local economy and you can consume it at its rawest state. And if you want, you can head to El Yunque, a 575 metre-high mountain, where an amazing view is spotted. Take your camera with you and you’ll be left breathless.

Yunque-de-Baracoa-y-Rio-Miel-min.jpgSource: TMG News 


Here it ends the trip through the spectacular Cuba. Not an easy destination, since you have so many things to do, places to visit and people to know, which is absolutely the best part of this beautiful island. The kindness and laughter of the people is what make you come back to any country, especially if it’s as warm hearted and welcoming as Cuba!

Source: Todo Cuba Online


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