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Australia Adventure Tourism: 6 Places to Fall in Love With

Australia Adventure Tourism: 6 Places to Fall in Love With
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Interested in Australia adventure tourism? Read out our best places to head to if you’re looking for the perfect Aussie adventurous trip.


1. Nitmiluk National Park

We’re all about national parks! This one concretely is located in North Australia and offers a unique landscape of waterfalls, terracotta gorges and vast areas where camping and stargazing is something wonderful to do. You’ll also enjoy the views of the Katherine River, an excellent place for kayaking or canoeing while delighting yourself with the sunrise or sunset, plus a large variety of flora and fauna and the chance to visit the Jawoyn people, an autochthonous indigenous group. There is no better way of going local during your trips than getting to know the depths of the culture which is welcoming you. 

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2. Ningaloo Reef

Located in Western Australia, this place is actually a nature wonder of the country, overshadowed by the Great Barrier Reef and protected as a World Heritage area. Of course, the best activity to do here is snorkeling or diving. You don’t know what it is to be submerged several meters under the water, surrounded by spectacular wild animals, until you try this experience and fall in love. All kinds of species like whale sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, whales and even dolphins will be joining you in your adventure! Just remember not to invade their space. They are free and must not be bothered even though you feel totally amazed by their presence.

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3. The Great Ocean Walk

I know you’ve already heard of The Great Ocean Road, but have you heard of the incredible walk you can take along the Southern Ocean Coast? No words can describe how a good dose of nature, forests, rocky shores and cliffs can change the way you conceived your adventure trip around Australia. More isolated spots like Station Beach, Devils Kitchen and Melanesia are the perfect pick for you to trek, hike or camp in areas where you’ll feel completely away from any type of society. Some of the highest cliffs on mainland can be found at Moonlight Head, as well as the wildest waves impacting the rocks in Wreck Beach.

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4. Cape York Peninsula

An untouched beautiful landscape is waiting for you at Cape York, located in the top end of the country. Raw beaches cover this amazing area that is best to visit from April to December, when the rainy season has passed. One of the best things is that you can go 100% sustainable and local visiting some aboriginal communities of the Cape York region, who have different history, language and culture depending on which one you stay with. It is possible to camp in their territory, but it’s necessary that you talk to a Aboriginal Council first. The Pormpuraaw community carries a well-established crocodile farm and has an art center that is totally worth passing by.

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5. Margaret River Region

Be ready to be amazed with this breathtaking place in Australia, which offers you the chance to witness the magical nature phenomenon of the limestone crystal formations that are (listen to this!) 1 million years old. I know. You can wander the labyrinths at your own pace, do it with an experienced local guide or visit the caves in the most extreme way possible. You have different level options according to how adventurous you are feeling! Inside the actual location, you can choose between Lake Cave, Mammoth Cave or the Ngilgi Cave. Of course everything is properly adapted for visitors, so the expeditions are safe although you actually believe you’re going back in time thousands of years!

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6. The Blue Mountains

You want to touch the sky? Well, this is the right pick for you then! This magnificent area of Eucalyptus trees and rocky cliffs is perfect for visiting all year long. It is a World Heritage Site since 2000 and you can do so many nature-related activities here, starting by hiking and trekking around some of the most impressive tracks in the world, camping in Euroka, which is something really recommendable to do: kangaroos and the purest air will surprise as the sun starts to appear. Does it sound appealing to you already? Another spot you have to visit here is the Three Sisters, as well as the Leura Cascades, a peaceful place to unwind and reconnect your soul with your surroundings.

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Those are my options (which you are going to love, I promise!) for doing some Australia adventure tourism. As you can tell, all the picks I’ve done are affordable and sustainable! Who doesn’t love some of those two kinds of trips? Always keep in mind the advantages of being a concious traveler and treating everything you come across with in a responsible way, especially when you travel to natural landscapes like these. Become one with the environment, respect it and we will be able to change the world hand in hand small action by small action.



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